September 2018 Gratitude Letter

September 2018 FFP letter

Goodness, it has been a long time since I put fingers to keyboard to write to you all. But in my own defense I have been completing my latest book “Rise & Shine” in which the main character, Truman, has psoriasis.

It has been a very interesting process. Sometimes magical. Sometimes frustrating. Sometimes just plain hard work. But I’m happy Continue reading “September 2018 Gratitude Letter”

Clear Again–It’s the Demon Calcium:)


I wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance to bare my arms and legs this summer but by returning to the original dosage of the protocol…

  • 40,000 iu soft gel D3
  • 4-600 mcg Life Extension Super K
  • no dairy (OR dairy substitutes “fortified” with calcium)
  • magnesium chloride used topically

…my skin cleared in about 6 weeks and Continue reading “Clear Again–It’s the Demon Calcium:)”

Sacrificing Dairy

My friend, Julie, was visiting on Monday of the long weekend and she told me that the word “sacrifice” comes from the word “sacred”. So I got on Google and looked it up. One of the older definitions said that it was giving something up for the gain of something else of value (such as self respect, freedom, etc.)  

That got me thinking about dairy (well, actually a letter from one of our members did). She was having difficulty letting go. I can certainly relate to that. But when I think of all the good things that have happened in the past two years since doing the protocol and mostly staying away from dairy, it sure has been worth the sacrifice. Continue reading “Sacrificing Dairy”

2016 The Year of Freedom From Psoriasis

Well, 2016 has arrived and it looks like it’s going to be a good year!

Spent New Year’s Eve Skyping Charlie and drinking way too much whiskey. This made for an interesting dog walk later as I careened sloppily down the sidewalk with Lucky. She didn’t appear to notice Continue reading “2016 The Year of Freedom From Psoriasis”

Radio Interview about Psoriasis

The good news about radio is that no one can see you–which was to my advantage as I was still in my jammies. The interview was for a program called “Just For the Health of It”, CHML, out of Hamilton, Ontario. It aired live at 8 a.m. EST, which meant 5 in the morning for me (yawn!!!) Still uncertain what I actually said but hoping the station will send us an audio link so we can share it with you, here, on the website.

It has been really great to have hooked up (in the older sense of the expression:) with Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, the Naturopath who knows more about K2 and D3 than just about anyone in the known universe. And she is generous with her time–sharing the wonders of these supplements through her book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox”, as well as videos on Youtube and other media.

After our segment was finished I kept listening to the program and Dr. Rheaume talked about another supplement that caught my interest. It’s called herring-gold and is actually herring roe in supplement form. I’ll do some research on it. Who knows? This four-part protocol mostly came together as a result of ridiculous good luck. And we’re always open to new things that might help in our fight against psoriasis.

When the show ended at 6 a.m. I was too revved to sleep so I pulled out my bottle of Telamore Dew Irish Whiskey, had a wee dram, fell back into my bed and didn’t wake up until 9.

AHHHHH Relief!

I like to Stir things up a bit…….I am not at all like DAK……I am Blunt! Rude! and fairly obnoxious! I don’t care to hear Your Sob stories of Psoriasis! …..I just want You to try this  and prove this Grumpy old Fuck Wrong!……..I was not looking for a Cure or a Treatment  when all this happened ….. it just happened……I Continue reading “AHHHHH Relief!”

The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!

So, I’ve been arguing with Charlie for months about moisturizing. And because he’s a guy guy, he avoids it like the plague. I figure he’s just stubborn but he says he’s just logical.

Anyway, after cheating a bit Continue reading “The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!”

Glycerin….another little bit of magic for the skin

My bathroom is where I keep the arsenal of psoriasis creams, jells, medications, experiments etc. Easier to find when it’s all in one location. So, yesterday I was doing a bit of tidying up and I found my container of glycerin. How could I have forgotten?….well, life has been a little hectic to say the least…..

Glycerin is fantastic stuff for those of us who suffer from this skin condition. Unfortunately I can’t give you a link to the NPF Inspire site as I have been permanently banned for being a bad girl (which would include spreading the word about a natural remedy which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and that has no side effects–that would be k2, D3, Magnesium Chloride, No dairy).

Anyway, there was a guy who Continue reading “Glycerin….another little bit of magic for the skin”

There’s something about Dairy:)

Well, so much for my little experiment with goat milk yogurt. I only had to eat it once before a couple of little spots showed up on the inside calf of my left leg. Now, most people wouldn’t have even noticed them–or maybe thought they were mosquito bites–but I knew better:(

So I thought it would be a good opportunity to experiment on topical medications. I tried tar, cortisone–the old standbys– and those little spots didn’t budge. Now, they didn’t get worse but they stubbornly sat there, staring at me.

The next step was to increase my D3 and k2. I had been on a maintenance dosage for Continue reading “There’s something about Dairy:)”


Well, as you may already know, we are lucky to have guinea pigs to experiment on. That would be OURSELVES:) So, I read something about there being two kinds of milk. Most of North America use one kind and Australia (and some Asian countries) use the other. Supposedly, the kind used in Australia is less disruptive to the immune system.

The only milk in North America that falls into the ok category happens to come from Continue reading “TAKING A RISK WITH DAIRY”