Sacrificing Dairy

My friend, Julie, was visiting on Monday of the long weekend and she told me that the word “sacrifice” comes from the word “sacred”. So I got on Google and looked it up. One of the older definitions said that it was giving something up for the gain of something else of value (such as self respect, freedom, etc.)  

That got me thinking about dairy (well, actually a letter from one of our members did). She was having difficulty letting go. I can certainly relate to that. But when I think of all the good things that have happened in the past two years since doing the protocol and mostly staying away from dairy, it sure has been worth the sacrifice.

 I can’t remember where this saying comes from but it sure is appropriate for letting go of dairy:  

                                 THERE’S NO FREE LUNCH

Whenever we make a change in our lives (a change for the better) there’s always something that has to be sacrificed. Now the question is–was it worth it?

Here’s the list of improvements I have experienced:

  • –My skin is close to 100% clear (99.5 and I can live with the .5) My state of mind is much better
  • — I’m happier, more relaxed and more confident. My home and bed isn’t filled with flakes.
  • — I’m not always itchy and scratching myself.
  • — I’m actually growing my hair for the first time in decades–and to my surprise it’s curly–who knew?
  • –I can go to the beach and not be watching to see if anyone’s staring at me.
  • –I was able to go swimming in a public pool last winter without embarrassment.
  • –I don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for medications and
  • –I don’t have to spend months at the clinic for UVB treatments.
  • –I don’t have to hide.
  • –I can talk about psoriasis without any shame.

Well, the list goes on and on…

So, if you’re having trouble dropping dairy, imagine how good it will feel to be psoriasis free. Trust me, the sacrifice is worth it.

Author: dakota

I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. I share my apartment with a little Brussels Griffon called Lucky. I like to read and watch movies and draw cartoons and write. I'm also a published author and painter. Mostly I like to putter. And fix things. And think.

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