Well, I think it would be fair to say that this past year has been a bitch and a half. But me and the mutt (Lucky) are still standing.

Some good news on vitamin D. Health Canada, at the beginning of November, upped the maximum pill/capsule/soft gel/drops from 1000 iu to 2500 iu. Continue reading “HAPPY VITAMIN D and MERRY k2mk7”

GRATITUDE: Late Canadian and Early American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (Canadian) has come and gone but gratitude has become an everyday experience.  One of the things I’m most grateful for are the lovely testimonials that come my way from people all over the world. Who knew there were people in Bosnia who use our protocol? Continue reading “GRATITUDE: Late Canadian and Early American Thanksgiving”

CELEBRATION!!! 7 years psoriasis-free

7 years!!! Today marks my 7 year anniversary of being psoriasis free. I still find it hard to believe. I never thought, after 47 years of suffering from this disease that it would ever happen. But it did.

And because I had no idea where this all was heading, Continue reading “CELEBRATION!!! 7 years psoriasis-free”

Heat Wave and MAKE YOUR BED

Well, we’re having our second little heatwave in Vancouver–this time with the addition of smoke from one of the many forest fires around B.C.

And I learned a new ‘hack’ for keeping my apartment cooler. Most of my windows face South or West. High temperatures and sun turn my place into a furnace. I slept on the fire escape (with Lucky) during the first heatwave.
But not this time. I was told by a nice young woman that Continue reading “Heat Wave and MAKE YOUR BED”

Check Out My New Book

It’s here. MAKE YOUR BED, the book.

A fun, enlightening spiritual journey that also as a bonus includes the all natural, affordable psoriasis treatment that has kept me clear of psoriasis for over 6 years now (after suffering from severe psoriasis Continue reading “Check Out My New Book”


I received three messages in the last couple of days from people asking about the protocol and saying they were taking 20,000 iu D3 daily and not seeing any results. I wrote back telling them to reread the protocol.

Then I reread the website protocol and OMG it said to take 20,000 iu daily. NO, NO, NO!!! I took 20,000 iu TWICE daily. Continue reading “OH, THE HORROR!!! BLOG #31”

Amazing & Disappointing!!! (BLOG #28)


It never ceases to amaze me how one coincidence follows another in this steep learning curve of my psoriasis research.

Remember last week I said that maybe the “Asian diet” was the best one? So, I’m walking the dog on 4th avenue in Vancouver and I see this second hand book store which I’ve never visited before. I go in.

I literally walked five feet and reached out for Continue reading “Amazing & Disappointing!!! (BLOG #28)”

The BEST Diet you’ve never heard about! (BLOG #27)

THE BEST DIET…you’ve never heard about!

Keto? Paleo? Atkins? Low Carb? No Carb? No Gluten? There are enough diets out there to give your head the spins. So which one is the best for psoriasis?

And heart health?
And lower rates of osteoporosis?
And longevity?

Well….none of the above. And it makes Continue reading “The BEST Diet you’ve never heard about! (BLOG #27)”