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Protocol works!

Hi everyone, I’ve had a bit of plaque psorasis on my elbows for years but it’s never gone anywhere else. In July 2019 I started noticing spots on legs, back, behind.. really scattered all over. The spots were getting redder each day and the entire situation was making me extremely stressed and anxious. I had also developed some scalp psorasis as well. Spots on body were guttate! Really a mess.

I started doing research and came across this protocol! This worked for me and I am just thrilled with the results! Started the protocol in mid-October and stuck to it. Mid-December I noticed spots were fading, plaque on elbows gone, scalp psorasis gone (also used tea tree shampoo/conditioner for scalp) I am maintaining now with D3 and K2 and use the magnesium spray daily 2x a day! I also use a great cream I found as well which seems to help 🙂

Thank you Dakota and Charlie!

Donna Howe Grice

The Missing Piece to the Puzzle (Feb. 2019)

…..(after finding this page [on FB] a week ago)….I’ve been dairy free like usual, but also added the proper dosage of vitamin K and D like you suggest, and I haven’t seen my skin this good in soooo long!! I really think your protocol has been the missing piece to the puzzle and I’m so excited to see what my skin is like in several weeks. Thank you for sharing your story and helping people!! I’m so encouraged and hopeful now.



It works! I read Dakota’s story and started the protocol. I also had been off dairy before I started. I was 85-90% covered, and cleared in 4-6 weeks. I read labels. There aren’t many pre-packaged foods without calcium.

I have talked to three doctors that are telling me to continue doing what I’m doing. To all that try this, go by the exact protocol and you will see results. Thank you Dakota and Lucky


In 6 weeks I was clear…Inverse Psoriasis

Dakota, I found your website in October, about 2 months after my first flare (severe) of Inverse Psoriasis. I was miserable. My dermatologist offered only toxic Rx. In 6 weeks I was clear after eliminating dairy, taking 20-30,000 D3 and K2mk7, and using Mo Maggie lotion.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and improving the lives of others. Jennifer, 02/2019


Testimonials (February 2019)

I’ve been doing the Protocol since the last week of November. I’m not sure that any of my rash has completely disappeared but all of it keeps getting lighter and lighter….I’m still seeing amazing improvements.        Diane,  02/2019

I’m seeing slow progress. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 weeks so I know I need to give it more time but I’m seeing healing every single day. I can’t thank you enough.          Robyn,    02/2019

Thanks for your info. I’m excited to begin this journey….As a medical professional I have to try to be objective and scientific. That being said-biologics are NOT and never will be for me! The protocol does make sense and the rational seems sound.      Debbie,    02/2019

Thank God for you, Dakota, your advice fixed me too. xxx  Suzanne 02/2019

Hi! Thanks a million for inspiring so many of us!!  I’m also on the protocol for a few weeks and def. seeing some results.   Marjan,   02/2019

I went from almost all body covered, to almost cleared as of now with this combo of D3/K2/mag with 8 months….I do blood work every 3 months. My liver, kidney test results have never been better. Thousand times thank you, Dakota.     Chu,   02/2019

My skin is clearing! …Your protocol has changed my life!

My skin is clearing! You are amazing!

I am shocked at the number of people that I send you link to, that will not even listen to your video. Your protocol has changed my life!


It works

I started the protocol and saw results in a week. I am not completely clear due to my own fault and lack of time taking care of myself before everyone else.

I stopped spraying the Mag for a week and had more breakout in my legs however; my arms and upper body stayed clear.

I panicked = stress!

I returned to your web page and upped my D3 and MK7 K2. Calmed myself down, soaked in a bath of the magnesium chloride with a candle and soothing music a few nights a week and it works.

I have shared your web page with many and will continue to share. I find it very unfortunate that many people will not take the time to register and read your web page because they think you are selling something even after I correct them.

You are both amazing people! We need more Dakota and Charlies on this earth. I continue to heal and clear every day!

Thank you both so much for taking the time to help others! Before photo attached, but after photo did not.


Protocol is working!

Attached is a photo of a lesion on my arm. It started out small and got to about the size of a quarter. It was very red and would not heal.

After starting the protocol, and in approximately one month, it is now non-existent. The area is just a little pink/white and almost gone.

The other spots most prevalent are on my thighs and are slowly diminishing. I believe the longer the lesions have been present, the longer they take to heal. But they ARE going away. I also have white spots where the lesions were, but I am hoping those, too, will fade.

Thank you so much and I hope this helps someone.



Hi Dakota and Charlie! Thankyou both so very much for sharing this with everyone. I have only started this protocol around 3 days ago and i am determined to stick with it. I am 48 and have had psoriasis since age 17. The past 12 months it has progressively worsened. I am now feeling extremely anxious and worried it is going to spread uncontrollably. This is my last hope!! After being round the medical system my whole life i know pharma does not work. Fingers crossed for results. I will keep you posted. Much love and hugs to you both. Jo, Australia xxx


Can see improvement from Day 3 itself! Never saw such recovery in my past 22 years of suffering!

Wonderful result! I m very happy to notify you all that I m 90% clear now! First time in past 22 years! My daily bathing routine came down to 15 mins from 1 hour! I feel really fresh in my new skin! I can see the clear skin from day 3 onwards! I started posting about this forum in all public forums but personally! First two weeks i was using capsule based K2MK7. Now I got Life Extension Super K. Some rough patches are there from past many years which got really rough skin and taking time to flatten. Very few dry patches on body. Also few spots on the edge of forehead and on back of the neck taking time. It may be due to this bad winter. Even for normal people, its difficult to manage. So its expected condition! Many black spots left over on the skin after healing the P. It may take some time to get them fade into normal skin color! I suggest all who ever reading this, Please dont waste money and time by trying biologics and other life threatening medicines to get some relief for some limited period. Please try this protocol and you will see the results from day 3. About the magnesium chloride, it first stings your skin on very first day, later you will enjoy it applying on the skin as it gives soothing feel. Dont ignore, this is also main part of protocol. I gave up all forms of Dairy. But still not sure what to exclude from other types of foods, I keep on testing!

Thanks a ton to both Dakota and Charlie! You are wonderful human beings sharing your story and this protocol to many suffering people in this world. I hope this helps many others! You need somebody help to update this blog time to time. There are many others waiting to see the results and wanted to hear from you time to time.

I started 20K IU D3 ( Doctor’s Best D3 5000IU softgels 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner )and Life Extension Super K 200mcg (100mcg K2MK7 as all-trans menaquinone 7) one with breakfast and 1 with Dinner. Magnesium oil (Magnesium flakes and water 50:50) for external application once during night time. You will see bit disturbance in sleeping routines. I get to sleep early thats immediately after dinner around 9PM and get up during midnight (1AM) or very early hours (3AM-5AM). Just practice, you will over come that difference.

Please update about the Milkthistle supplement usage as well incase if we need to help the liver due to excess usage of D3. This would be helpful to many. Also any estimated timelines to clear the black patches under the skin after clearing the P on skin. Thanks a lot in advance.


Katrine “…there’s been a massive improvement in my skin…”

Thanks for the interesting information, I’ve suffered with Psoriasis for over 30 years and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2006. I’m on various meds for this.

But since I started on Vit D3 a year ago and started using magnesium oil topically about 3 months ago, there’s been a massive improvement in my skin.

Now reading this has given me encouragement to improve things further and I’m going to give it a go by adding in the K2. I don’t take much dairy, I don’t drink alcohol anyway, so here’s to hoping that I get results.

Thanks again x

Sept. 13, 2017 (comment on FFP website: Protocol Steps)

Basar on FFP Facebook Page

I followed the protocol and healed myself  In fact, I enjoy occasional dairy, once or twice a week. I just up my dose of D3 on those days.

Thank you Dakota and Charlie!    Basar 

30 days in an improvment!

It is helping. I wish I had taken fotos before of my shins. I really wanted to get my lower legs to a point where I could go with my kids to the beach and wear shorts. Well, it looks like it’s shorts time.

I had patches of pso. 12 inches by 4-6 inches on my shins, and they are just gone. Body patches seem to be less flaky.

It has been 25-30 days. I admit I ate a piece of pizza someone who didn’t know I was abstaining from dairy handed me without thinking, I felt a bit more itch etc the next day, but kept plugging on.


Thank You – It’s Working

August 2016

I started the protocol 12 weeks ago. I’ve had psoriasis for about 40 years. At times it’s been worse than others, but the spots that have plagued me for the last few years are going away. I still have a couple of spots on my shin, but the big spots on my elbow and calf are almost gone!

I tested my vitamin D level about 6 weeks ago when I was taking 20,000 IU daily. Since I’ve been out in the sun quite a bit this summer working in my yard my level was at 115. I’ve cut back to 5,000 IU daily. I may need to take more in the winter.

Thank you Dakota & Headless for this website and for your work to get the word out. I know it’s working for me!

from Joy on Aug. 30, 2016

MANY other testimonials WERE available on the National Psoriasis website "Inspire" discussion threads by Dak23 and thepain (charlie) (now deleted by Inspire).

  1. the discussion threads were titled:
    1. Something That Really Works” by thepain (aka Headless, aka Charlie☺)
    2.  “…and his jaw dropped” by dakota23 [now deleted by Inspire]
    3. FREEDOM FROM PSORIASIS: A Survival Kit and FUN” by dakota23 (with Headless)

Recent Testimonials November 2016

Date: November 20, 2016 at 6:39:42 AM PST
To: [email protected]

To be honest, this really does work.. its so weird how in one month you can have so much progress but yet come to so many plateaus that make u think it isnt working. But is. I spent one month taking mag chloride and sulfate baths. Spraying 50/50 mag chloride on body, taking 30,000 ius of d3 a day, 1 LFE vit k pill for each 10,000 iu of d3. Adding some things in for short periods such as moringa powder, Terry's highly bioavailable turmeric, super enzymes by hsu&co. ( non dairy), chlorella, remag and remyte(daily) and probiotics. Now ive bumped up my vit d3 to 50,000( biotech on amazon)( for one month) still using super k from life force extension at 1 pill for each 10000 ius of vit d3., remag and remyte. And have seen amazing results.. i know i have candida and parasites as well as IBS so im checking out some immune tree colostrum as well. They claim it not to give dairy allergic affects. In any case u guys have conjoured up the recipe to breathe again and i cant thank u enough!!!!!!!!!! If anyone ever does this and experiences a lot of setbacks like oddly dried out skin for a week or plaques not responding for two weeks.. keeeeeeep gooooooooing. Its going to work. Thank you!!!

Recent Testimonials August 2016 

I started the protocol 12 weeks ago.  I've had psoriasis for about 40 years.  At times it's been worse than others, but the spots that have plagued me for the last few years are going away.  I still have a couple of spots on my shin, but the big spots on my elbow and calf are almost gone!

I tested my vitamin D level about 6 weeks ago when I was taking 20,000 IU daily.  Since I've been out in the sun quite a bit this summer working in my yard my level was at 115.  I've cut back to 5,000 IU daily.  I may need to take more in the winter.

Thank you Dakota & Headless for this website and for your work to get the word out.  I know it's working for me!

  • from Joy on Aug. 30, 2016



"I have had psoriasis for going on 22 years now (since I was 6). When I first had it, I was a walking sore, head-to-toe covered. I struggled through school trying to hide it and politely responding to the 'What is wrong with you?!?!" and "Ewwww!! What is that??". I recall my parents scrambling at any hope with steroidal creams, covering my body in oils and wrapping my limbs in saran wrap, light treatments, Enbrel injections.... I gave up hope in my college years and accepted my fate.

"A friend of mine told me about this great article where a simple regiment of vitamins and magnesium chloride had completely cleared psoriasis. After reading the article I felt a genuine authenticity that this might be a solution, as opposed to the million 'big pharma' testimonials that make the most thick skinned of us gag.

"Within the first month I had seen better improvement than any other treatments I had tried ever before, 10 fold. I had taken Enbrel injections for 8 months and my legs never even came close to as clear as they are now. I cannot believe how comfortable I am in my own skin, I've NEVER felt that before.... I can actually see what my skin looks like for the first time in my life. Just coming to the end of my 2nd month, I feel healthy, confident in my skin and hope all the friends of mine with psoriasis will follow this regiment and free themselves from the shackles.

"Can't think you enough for having the perseverance to stand up in the face of 'big pharma' and all the attempts to be silenced. Thank you for having the generosity and kindness to share your journey, your support and the community to share the struggles and successes of this dis-ease. Thank you for changing my life."

-Phil Aug. 2016

Recent Testimonials July 2016 

hey guys !!  actually its going great !!   i was going to email my progress but you beat me to it !!

i did start on july 1st , however two weeks prior already gave up dairy .... then started the protocol on the 1st .... and what a difference holy crap !!   and i look and even feel better... and followed the protocol to a tee...... and the mag doesn't burn anymore ... actually that burn affect only last two or three days and wasn't that much more painful then the burning of the skin during winter months, yikes !

going to a cabin for some r and r ... and i'll keep you guys posted. can't wait for even better results..... can't believe in just two weeks how much has already changed.

can't thank you guys enough , and here's hoping for more improvement ... and really eager to spread the good info to help others.....

danny :o)

Recent Testimonials Feb. 2016

"I continue to this day to follow the D3/K2 protocol you suggested when I first found you on the inspire site, still avoiding all dairy, still taking magnesium. This is still the one set of things I never meddle with because it made a huge difference. There a few other things which seem to make a difference for me, like avoiding nightshades and drinking lots of water and I take fish oil. I was hovering on the edges of taking an admin role on another site but decided not to because I don't have the patience to deal with people who are not willing to do some reading and work themselves. The internet is not a place for those who don't deal well with foolishness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting my feet on the right path. I bless you every single day. Please regard this as a testimonial xxxx"  Suzanne Keith

"I am Charlie's sister and psoriasis runs in the family. Thankfully I do not have it as bad as Charlie, however it does flair on me sometimes. Since Charlie started using this protocol I have seen the remarkable difference and started using it also. I have not had a flair up since and the bugs are leaving me alone. Thanks you two.”  Sandy Shumate


 Recent Testimonial Dec. 2015

I originally learned about the Vitamin K2, D3, magnesium protocol through Dakota’s and Charlie’s posts on the Inspire Psoriasis Forum. I just happen to be perusing that forum today when I found this website. I still check things out on that forum occasionally and always wonder why so many people with psoriasis are so hesitant to try this protocol.

Well the good news for me is; I tried it immediately with great results.

I first got psoriasis in the fall of 2013, looked more like Seborrheic Dermatitis at the time. By Christmas I had it on my hands and feet, plaque on legs and arms, guttate everywhere else plus scaly, flaking scalp psoriasis. My toes were little Vienna sausages, my toe and finger nails were pitted and really sore. My ankles and shins were swollen. I was a mess. I was afraid to go to the doctor for fear of being hospitalized. Merry Christmas!

On Jan. 1, 2014, I stopped using tobacco, (snuff or smokeless type for 30 yrs. smoked for 15 prior yrs.) and alcohol, (three or more beers a day). I also started making 64 oz. smoothies with mostly raw veggies and some fruit, drank 32 oz. in the AM and rest in the PM. Ate more salmon and chicken and less red meat. What red meat I did eat was grass fed. Stayed away from most things we shouldn’t eat like nightshades, white flour and sugar. No change by early summer, had been wearing vinyl gloves on my hands and plastic bags on my feet all winter.

I am Facilities Manager for a small Elementary School and handle most of the maintenance and grounds care myself. Somehow I made it through the summer and was able to get the minimal amounts of work done. My skin was so compromised that I wasn’t sweating, had to take lots of breaks to keep from over-heating. I rode my bike early mornings through all of this, got in great shape and with diet change lost 20 lbs.

The summer sun was good for me, my hands and feet cleared by August and my skin improved a great deal. All signs of psoriasis were gone and no permanent joint damage. Scalp remain the same. (When I told my Dermatologist this and asked about UV therapy he said due to my insurance co-pays it would be financially prohibitive for me.) By September the plaque and guttate were back with a vengeance, scalp got worse but hands and feet thankfully stayed clear so far. Wasn’t sure if it would be as bad as before by late winter or not, but I dreaded finding out.

By December, 2014 I decided to see a Doctor, I assumed they would prescribe steroids and, by then, thought it would be good to get a temporary break for a couple of weeks while school was out. He did, they worked and I used them for two weeks. Right after Christmas I started weaning myself off as I did not want to use it for more than the two weeks I had decided on. Sure enough as I started phasing the steroids out the psoriasis came back with added vengeance.

I had been following Inspire and all the good threads, I decided to try a three day water fast right before the New Year. Following that it appeared the psoriasis was slowing its progression. Two days later I started spraying Magnesium oil twice a day. My K2/D3 arrived two days later and with the addition of Natto a couple of days after that I was full into the regimen.

I would have never taken pictures of myself at my worst, I could barely look in the mirror. The difference now and anytime between fall of 2013 and two months ago is incredible. From 90% coverage to a few spots on my forehead.

I attribute some of this to my diet and lifestyle change (Charlie-I have started having a few beers again but not changing anything else).

I believe most of my remission came from the K2/D3 and Magnesium Chloride treatment. My skin is clear and best of all white as a sheet.

My arms have tanned a bit but my legs haven’t gotten that much sun yet. My sixtieth birthday is less than two weeks away. If someone had told me I would be almost totally symptom free by now I would not have believed them.

That was my story, posted on the Inspire forum in response to Dakota and Charlie’s posts, in early March 2015. I have continued to improve to the point that I rarely think about psoriasis. When I do see a problem I know how to fix it. I still take Vitamins K2 and D3 in maintenance doses, increasing as my ability to make vitamin D decreases in the winter. As far as magnesium oil, I use it not just to keep the psoriasis and mosquitoes at bay, but for sore muscles and all the aches and pains associated with working and playing hard at sixty years of age. My wife uses it also for same reasons and to eradicate wrinkles as well. I really think most people have a Vitamin D and magnesium deficiency these days and could improve their health by supplementation.

I am so happy that I found Dakota’s and Charlie’s Website and happy to be able to give this testimonial. It is so little compared to all the suffering that they have alleviated for myself and by now thousands of psoriasis sufferers all over the world.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world, to contract psoriasis only one year before this protocol was publicized.

People are still arguing about whether you should try this treatment on the Inspire Psoriasis Forum, what a waste of time. Give it a try, follow the directions exactly and the chances of seeing improvment if not total clearing like myself and so many others are great.

 - Frank (via email December 2015)


I followed the discussions by Dakota and Headless on the medical site they spoke of. My own case is different from others. I had managed to control my condition a few times in past years by other alternative methods. It came back but was mild. The past two years I was already on some supplements that included D3 and others for bone health. When I read Dakota's story about the K2 and researched it I added it to my treatment. Later the magnesium idea by headless came into play and that  was added to my treatment. Over the past six months most of my small areas of psoriasis have cleared up.

 Thanks to Dakota and headless I also realized through researching for them that this protocol did much more for us than just heal so many with psoriasis. Bone health and balance of cellular chemistry as well as replacement of lost nutrients necessary for health were being seen by all who participated. This is great for improving, bones, teeth, hair, cardiac function, and improving sleep to name a few. There is no drug to take the place of and do what this protocol can do for your health.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the gross pustules I had! Dermatologist said, it was the worst case they had ever seen!

Hi, my name is Hankcat. I have not been keeping up but wanted to add my support!

This protocol saved me! D3 & K2, coconut oil, magnesium spray! Thank God!

I have gone from the oil to the lotion. I Like them both! I also use a Hawaiian Moon Aloe lotion it is full of the good ginseng. I had psoriasis hands and feet only. Going on 3 years. I retired because I could. Removing stress was a major factor for me! I refused the medical drugs, I did not like the side effects, or the price, neither did my doctor or my dermatologist.

Finding online the protocol while in my 3rd. year of psoriasis. With the protocol I noticed improvement quickly in 2 months. I say 6 months I am cured.

I did for sometime Turmeric & Curcumin to remove the itch it works, now I don’t even use it, no itch! I followed with desitin diaper rash ointment if I felt my skin looked to red. Only for special occasions like a wedding. I rarely use it!

My doctor said, what ever your doing keep it up it is the best psoriasis I have ever seen. She has seen a lot!

My D levels checked as normal. To start for about 2 weeks I did the protocol. (Each to his own thinking). I did D3-- 20 thousand mg.. I now set at 5000 mg. D3., doubled my k2 in the beginning and now 1 pill.

My doctor copied my recipe or Headless and Dakotas to help others in need.

Other then the protocol I do a cholesterol pill, omega 3, baby aspirin,multi-vitamin, Co-Qu10, calcium pill, and vit. C.. I love bathing or showering in Coconut shampoos, coconut body cleansers and coconut conditioners. In the beginning I was screaming with the magnesium spray-ouch!. Now I don’t notice it. I even rarely follow with mag., but if I think I need it, I will!

I am doing so great. Feeling Free from a psoriasis nightmare! Loving my Capri shorts, my shoe sandals. Even a swim suit!! Best to all, enjoy life, live and follow the protocol!! All Thanks to: Headless & Dakota. Just wish I had found them sooner rather then later! signed with Happiness, Hankcat!!!


This really works, been on the protocol about 4 months now! I am doing great! Natural and healthy! - Carmal  https://www.facebook.com/FreedomFromPsoriasis/


Hello,I'm so tired of creams, meds that make you depressed and that doesn't work.I use only natural product. I'm going to start your program as soon as my order comes. Can wait!!! Thank you - Linda

"My experience with your two protocols has been fantastic! Nothing seemed to help. I visited two dermatologists in the last few months and they would only prescribe steroids, topical and oral. Just made things worse--rebounds and false hope. They said stress, food or vitamins and minerals had nothing to do with it.

Luckily I found Dakota's information and started right away (around mid-December 2014). Improvement started pretty fast. After a few weeks, and thanks to Charlie's information, I started on the Magnesium Chloride mix. The combination was an absolute winner. My skin started improving dramatically. I would say I am 95% clear. I still have some very light pink spots on my shins, but you can barely see them. My feet are completely clear, same thing with the isolated spots I had in different part of my legs, buttocks, arms and left hand (which was extremely itchy).

I have said this quite a few times before, but doesn't hurt repeating it, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Thank you for helping me and so many others so far, and for the many people that could see their lives changed with this protocol in the future. I feel truly blessed to be part of this and it makes me really proud as a human being, to witness people like you, Dakota and Charlie, and so many others reaching out and helping others out of pure generosity. It gives me hope in ways beyond relieving psoriasis.

I am drinking a beer as I write and I am raising my glass right now to celebrate!!     R. Tames"


August 2015 - Vancouver, B.C.

I am a RN and I work in a phototherapy clinic.  One of my patients, Dakota, had been coming in for treatment with a bad flare of psoriasis (so bad that I asked the resident dermatologist to take a look at her skin).  Phototherapy was not working for her this time and she was very distraught and was asking about alternative treatments.  One time she came in for a phototherapy treatment and said she had found a new remedy using vitamins.  I never saw her again until approximately 8 weeks later when she showed me her clear skin and told me that she had cleared using the vitamins D3 and K2.   Personally, I am somewhat biased towards western medical beliefs about psoriasis; however, many of my patients use alternative treatments with much success.  Psoriasis is a very complex disease and sometimes there are treatments that work that defy explanation.  I am of the opinion that if a treatment works and does not cause any harm, it is a worthwhile treatment. -  K. Pachal

I love this site! You two are doing an excellent job of spreading hope to victims of psoriasis. I am starting to clear up after maybe a week of going back on this protocol. I’ve also added zinc supplements after doing some research on d3/k2/mag. Zinc seems to help with those supplements.

Submitted on 2015/08/15 at 9:52 am

Bless you Dakota and Charlie.
Treating and dealing with psoriasis is a huge pain in the butt.. For you to go through all you’ve gone through and still decide to go to all the work involved to make this amazing information available to others is nothing short of a Godsend. This had to be a ton of work for both of you that you were not obligated to do. You are heros in the psoriasis community. Thank you is not enough. Bless your hearts and I hope you win the lottery!!

Submitted on 2015/08/12 at 4:01 am

Thank You so much for the information.I have had psoriasis for eight years now. Tried just about everything possible and nothing works.Had my fill of doctors, creams and medication that makes you depressed.I use zinc and soak in dead sea salt.I cover my feet and hands every night to sleep.Thank you again

August 8, 2015

I have had plaque psoriasis since about age 16. Over the course of 45 years, I never had a remission. There were improving trends from time to time, but never clearing.  And the general trend was toward continual exacerbation, with psoriasis taking over more and more of my scalp, elbows and forearms. The itching was so intense that I often was awake half the night scratching. And of course flakes were everywhere -- on my pillow, in the seams of my car upholstery, on the back of every chair I sat in. It was embarrassing as well as tormenting.

In 2014, I achieved some significant improvement with anti-inflammatory diet, elimination of all gluten and significant cut-back in dairy. But clearing continued to elude me. I even tried a series of 5 monthly water-only fasts of 3-4 days each, all to no avail. While I had taken D3 and K2 sporadically since spring of 2014, 3 things in my treatment  changed at the end of February, 2015 [by using the protocol available to everyone for free on this website] :

1) I upped my D3 dosage to 20,000 IU's/day, switched my K2 to the much higher-dose Super K from Life Extension -- and took both regularly rather than sporadically as I had done before.

2) I added topical magnesium chloride, applied directly to my scalp and neck plaques.

3) I eliminated ALL dairy, even the forms that I had overlooked before such as butter and whey protein-containing meal replacement bars.

Like many people, I found the magnesium to burn intensely and at first it certainly reddened the skin. But burning was better than itching and so I continued. Soon improvement was unmistakable.  My pictures speak for themselves.

Right now I am about 99% clear and not done yet! I continue to take my D3 (but at a lower dose during sunny summer months), K2 and topical MgCl.  And I will not let any dairy touch my lips!

Ok. So that's my commentary, Dakota. Hope it's what you were looking for. Once I am 100% clear and stay that way for a few months, I would be happy to report back in.  - L.S.Christy

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More testimonials coming...send us yours to [email protected]


Sadly, we had to remove all the testimonials that were sent to us (dakota23 and Headless) over the nine months that we hosted the threads on…on the National Psoriasis Foundation sponsored Team Inspire discussion forum…Insipre forum….

  • 1. “Something That Really Works” by thepain (aka Headless, aka Charlie☺)
  • 2. “…and his jaw dropped” by dakota23
  • 3. “FREEDOM FROM PSORIASIS: A Survival Kit and FUN” by dakota23 (with Headless)

…OR this will happen.

(1st email sent to us from Inspire August 3, 2015)

  • “If you do not remove all un-authorized content immediately from www.freedomfrompsoriasis.com/ Inspire will pursue legal action. Your prompt response is appreciated. -TeamInspire.”

Our intention has always been to help others, like ourselves, who have suffered from this terrible disease. We had amazing results from what came to be called “the 4 part protocol” and we just wanted to pass it forward. Those who followed our threads know this. We hoped that we would be allowed some time to get new testimonials to replace the ones we were not allowed to use. But, instead, we received a second letter.

(2nd email sent to us from Inspire August 12, 2015)

  • “Your Inspire account is currently suspended and will remain so until you have removed the unauthorized content from your site. If you do not remove this unauthorized content by August 19, 2015, in addition to legal action, Inspire will permanently remove your account and all your posts from Inspire. -TeamInspire”

Here’s the reality. I’m a retired teacher living on a small pension. Charlie survives on a disability pension. We don’t have the resources to take on legal actions and after nine months of volunteering our time and helping many people with psoriasis... we don’t have the stomach for a legal fight. As I often wrote on our threads “what is your intention with the action you have chosen to take?” If your intentions are good, eventually people will know that. If your intentions are not so good, the same applies.

Here’s a testimonial, sent to us (privately) by Cathy who followed the protocol on August 15, 2015.

  • "Bless you Dakota and Charlie. Treating and dealing with psoriasis is a huge pain in the butt.. For you to go through all you've gone through and still decide to go to all the work involved to make this amazing information available to others is nothing short of a Godsend. This had to be a ton of work for both of you that you were not obligated to do. You are heros in the psoriasis community. Thank you is not enough. Bless your hearts and I hope you win the lottery!!” Cathy

This is the kind of testimonial that is being removed by Inspire—and a lot of other simple letters of gratitude. Yes, this loss of our testimonials will slow us down. And some of the photos were so wonderful--showing how (in sometimes only weeks) this protocol worked for someone who had been suffering from psoriasis for years—and sometimes decades. Oh, well. (send us your testimonial directly to [email protected] so we CAN use it with out harassment or legal threats.)

So, it’s a beginning! And I know that it’s just a matter of time before there are more wonderful testimonials to replace the ones we have had to remove. It’s a shame.


  1. 10 sets of photographs, from 10 different people, showing wonderful results (please resend directly to us)
  2. 40 heartfelt testimonials (please resend directly to us)


  1. My typing speed has increased radically,
  2. A wonderful website designed (free) by our friend and supporter, Michael,
  3. The knowledge that this protocol doesn’t just work for us. It works for others,
  4. The strong belief that we shall overcome in sharing this protocol with people!

More testimonials coming...send us yours to [email protected]

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