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(Updated Jan. 2020)

  1. OVERVIEW Video- 1 minute protocol overview
  2. IN DEPTH Video – 20 minute more detailed video
  3. FULL WRITTEN PROTOCOL – detailed in depth written protocol
  5. SHORT WRITTEN PROTOCOL – a quick written summary
  6. FAQ – a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so you can understand and follow the protocol


CALCIUM – it’s not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium, such as some Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Orange Juice etc. Real food that contains real calcium are OK – it appears to be the fortified with calcium food that is the issue (check labels for added calcium above 30% per serving RDA)

Watch Dakota tell the ‘discovery’ story & give new updates.

Check out the testimonials of people who have used the protocol



CALCIUM – not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium, such as Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Orange Juice etc. Foods that naturally contain calcium are OK. Beverages that are fortified with calcium can be problematic. Now, it is very hard to find dairy substitutes (almond milk, etc.) that are not fortified. Look at the percentage. If it is higher than 30% per serving, don’t use it. OR, because the added calcium sinks to the bottom of the container–don’t vigorously shake the contents before pouring.

The 4 Step Protocol Video Overviews

Short Version – 1 min.


The 4 Step Protocol Video Overview

Long Version – 20 min.

VIDEO UPDATE re. VITAMIN D3 – correction: I took 40,0000 iu daily, 20,000 breakfast + 20,000 dinner (or 40,000 with largest meal of the day)

The Protocol Steps Written – Detailed


The protocol is SIMPLE but not necessarily easy. You need to dedicate yourself to it for at least a couple of months. And you need to make a few sacrifices.

But it’s worth it if you’re fed up with hiding behind long-sleeved shirts and pants; tired of scratching yourself until you bleed; tired of your house being full of flakes; tired of the inevitable depression that comes with having this disease.

  1. VITAMIN D3 (soft gel)

I began with high dosage* D3 in 2014.  (UPDATED Jan. 2020) 40,0000 iu daily–20,000 iu with breakfast + 20,000 iu with dinner (or 40,000 with largest meal of the day).  The theory behind the high dose vitamin D is that it pulls excess calcium from soft tissue (skin and psoriasis plaques) and arteries. It was, and still is, a remedy for osteoporosis and heart problems.

IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION: re: dietary recommendations while on High Dosage D3. The following link takes you to an article regarding LOW OXALATE CONSUMPTION while taking High Dosage D3. Although we do not take the high dosage D3 for long periods of time, it is important to keep our kidneys happy. The author tells which foods NOT TO EAT and the reasons for doing so.


You will find many articles on the topic of D3. The recommended daily allowance changes dependent on where you get your information. Re: the fear of toxicity–the Mayo Clinic states that 50,000 iu of D3 over a period of two months “may” be toxic. A hospital study in Brazil had patients taking 25,000 iu daily for 6 months. The doctor who did this hospital study (Dr. Cicero Coimbra) has been using high dose vitamin D for several decades and gives his patients 1,000 iu D3 per kilo (2.2 lbs) of body weight.

Always consider the source of the information on D3. Remember, the pharmaceutical companies are making a great deal of money from psoriasis sufferers.  Neither supplements nor vitamins can be patented which means there is no incentive (money) to share this information.

The higher dosage is only taken for a couple of months and then lowered to 10,000 iu daily. This is my maintenance level and I take it every day. If you are getting lots of sunshine you can lower the dosage.

*Getting high dose D3 can be challenging. You cannot buy it in Canada. I get mine in the U.S. You can work  with the vitamin D3 drops to get the higher dosage. Or ask your doctor for a prescription. This problem needs to be addressed as numerous doctors and naturopaths have stated that 10,000 iu daily is the required dosage because we spend most of our time indoors during the dark winters and, in the summer we slather on sunscreen or cover up. Hence the widespread deficiency of vitamin D in the majority of people.

  1. VITAMIN K2 mk7 (soft gel)

Vitamin K2 (the mk7 form) is a vital part of this protocol. The D3 pulls the excess calcium from the soft tissues (plaques, etc.) where it shouldn’t be and the K2 mk7 moves it (the calcium) to the bones and teeth where it SHOULD be. They are partners.

There are quite a number of forms of K2 (all the way from mk1  to mk9). The mk7 is the most important form for this protocol and is difficult to find in a food source and is easier to find in  a supplement.

There is only one food source high in K2 mk7 and that is NATTO (Japanese fermented soy bean). Not everyone can find it. And once they DO find it, not everyone can tolerate it’s  weirdness—strange smell, stranger taste with the texture of alien slime. Having said that, I eat it almost every day I call it “medicine!” One 50 gram container of Natto contains 400 mcg (micrograms, not milligrams) of K2mk7.

The dosage for vitamin K2 mk7 is 400 mcg daily. Again, this dosage will be reduced after the first two months.

IMPORTANT: The D3 and K2mk7 should be the “soft gel” form. AND they MUST be taken with some form of FAT (eg: a tsp. of coconut oil, olive oil, etc.)


The Magnesium Chloride is used topically (and absorbed transdermally). You can find Magnesium Chloride FLAKES at a health-food store or it can be purchased on-line. Ancient Minerals is the brand I have used.

Mix the Magnesium Chloride with distilled water (or ordinary  water) in a 50/50 solution. If you find that this solution  burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.

There are several ways to apply the solution to your body. The  most absorbent places are under the arms, the genital area, behind the knees, the bottoms of the feet. Or all over your body. Some people have difficulty tolerating the solution on their scalp.

You can spray, dab, rub—any method to get it onto your skin. And ideally, leave it on for 20 minutes at least. Some people then wash if off and then moisturize. Some leave it on, then moisturize. Some people, like Charlie, don’t believe in moisturizing. I’m working on him.


Remember that the D3 pulls excess calcium from soft tissue and arteries and the K2 directs it to the bones and teeth. So, where does the Magnesium Chloride come in? Magnesium Chloride keeps the calcium fluid so that it can be directed by the K2.

Headless (aka Charlie) is the “King” of Mag and has seen and read a lot of peoples’ results. One of the most important observations is that “things get worse before they get better”. Often, after a week of trying the Mag and suffering the burn, people see that their psoriasis looks redder. This causes them to stop using it. NOTE: If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.


The “redness” is just one of the steps to healing. You need to have patience. If it itches too much, shower it off after 20 minutes.



We humans are the only mammals who do not wean our offspring off milk at a young age. We do the opposite. We encourage them to drink milk and plenty of it. And to eat dairy products, particularly cheese, which is even higher in calcium.

Two important pieces of information gathered from studies of psoriasis:

  1. Patients with psoriasis have an inability to metabolize calcium.
  2. Excess calcium has been found in psoriasis plaques.
  3. UPDATE – ANY food or drink with calcium added will add to the problem. Many drinks and foods are now “fortified” with additional calcium. Always read the labels. If the product is fortified with more that 30% per serving, avoid it. TIP: to lower the calcium in “fortified” products do not vigorously shake the container because the added calcium tends to sit in the bottom.

If you were to study the incidence of psoriasis in high dairy consuming continents (North America and Europe) you would find that 3-5 people per 100 have some form of psoriasis.

Contrast this with a low dairy-consuming continent (Asia) and you would find that 1-2 people per 1000 have psoriasis.


Clearly you can get calcium from other sources than dairy but WHY does the calcium from, say, vegetables and other high calcium, non-dairy products not seem to be as big a problem as the consumption of dairy products? We don’t know.

But the differences between low-dairy consuming countries and their incidence of psoriasis and high-dairy consuming countries and their incidence of psoriasis is MORE THAN SIGNIFICANT.



CALCIUM – not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium, such as Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Orange Juice etc. (check labels for added calcium beyond 30% per serving RDA)


Here’s a problem we ran into with a number of people who wanted to try this protocol. They were willing to do two, or maybe three parts of the protocol. But not all four.

So, imagine you wake up one morning to find that your car won’t budge. You have it towed to the garage. Your mechanic says that all four wheels are seized up but that it’s an easy job to fix them all and you’ll be on the road in an hour.

You say: “Only fix three!”

Got the picture?

You’ll just be spinning around in circles—getting nowhere with only three of four wheels fixed!.


Here’s the simple RECIPE for using this protocol:

  1. D3:

  •   UPDATED Jan. 2020- I took 40,0000 iu daily–20,000 iu with breakfast + 20,000 iu with dinner (or 40,000 with largest meal of the day) (for 2 months approximately.)
  •    For two months (or until my skin was clear)–then reduced the D3 gradually to
  •    10,000 iu daily (I take all of this with one meal, and I take it every day).
  1. K2:

  •   400 mcg (NOT mg) vitamin k2 mk7
  •    I prefer the “Life Extension Super K” however it has been blocked in Canada. There are many new k2mk7     products on the market now. Just choose a reputable brand.


Natto (Japanese fermented soy bean—the highest food source of K2 mk7). One 50 gram container will give you around 400 mcg of K2 mk7.

Warning: Natto can be “challenging” (taste + smell + texture) !!!!

  1. MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE: (Used Transdermally)

You can make your own solution and save a lot of money.  Make with 50% magnesium chloride flakes (I use the Ancient Minerals brand) and 50% Water. Simply dissolve the flakes into the water. You can heat this to a supersaturated solution but it is not necessary. Put solution into a spray bottle.

– used topically on either the best places for absorption (under arms, back of knees, genital area, bottom of feet) or all over. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. Or just leave on. You can moisturize (or not) after 20 minutes. NOTE: If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.


All dairy, ALL of it! And NO! it is not easy for some people to eliminate dairy (it’s a mind/attachment/habit thing). And STOP all “calcium fortified” foods and drinks above 30% RDA per serving.

But as a Laotian proverb says:

“If you like things easy, you’ll have difficulties;

  If you like problems, you’ll succeed.”

Here are some substitutes for dairy:

  • almond milk (either not fortified or not more than 30%)
  • coconut milk (most coconut milk is not fortified)


CALCIUM – not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium, such as Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Oat milk, Orange Juice etc. (check labels for added calcium that is above 30% RDA per serving)

The world of dairy substitutes has grown exponentially in the past five years since I stopped dairy. I found a coconut milk, dark chocolate ice-cream at Trader Joe’s that was nothing short of sinful. Not to mention their Mango Sorbet—delicious! There are cashew/coconut ice creams that are as good as any dairy product I’ve tasted.

I’ve been experimenting with dairy free yogurt. That has been a challenge–particularly the plain (unflavored) kind. TIP: If you like your yogurt unflavored and you find the dairy-free products too bland and lacking that “bite”, put in a few drops of lemon juice.

And as more and more people develop food allergies, etc., the new substitutes are getting better and better.

And as the months fly by, and my skin remains clear, I find myself less and less tempted by the thought of any form of dairy.

Ask yourself, when you look longingly at that tub of ________ (fill in the blank with your favorite dairy product)…….




IT ????

Is it worth the itching and unsightly plaques?

Is it worth the extra work of sweeping and vacuuming the flakes that decorate your home?

Is it worth the stares from people who think what you have is contagious?

Is it worth the sense of hopelessness that you feel when your skin starts to flare?

For me, it’s not worth it!! But this Protocol IS.


I think it’s important to add “patience” as an honorary step in the protocol. If you have had psoriasis for decades you cannot expect the protocol to work immediately. It takes time. Now, I was lucky. I had stopped eating any dairy products a few months before starting the high dose D3. Whether that made a difference, I’m not sure. But my skin cleared in 6 weeks. My dermatologist’s jaw dropped (he was recommending Methotrexate). 

Because I had no idea I would be hosting a website and Facebook page, I did not take photographs of my skin. But we were fortunate to get a series of 5 photos from Jamie–whose experience was very similar to my own. Her skin was cleared in 6 weeks too.

I encourage you to take “before” and “after” photos. Trust me, you will forget how bad it was. I did make drawings for my dermatologist and when I look at them now I can’t believe my psoriasis was that bad. But it was. And that’s why I’m sharing this information with you. It brings me great satisfaction to hear from our members who have had success with the protocol. You testimonials are important. 



We found our experience with the National Psoriasis Foundation to be two-fold. On one hand, we were grateful to be able to reach out and share with many others what had worked for us. And if I hadn’t read Flintchick’s thread, I might never have cleared my skin the first time.

On the other, we had no idea that there would be groups of people on the NPF Inspire site whose sole purpose was to discredit any claims we made of finding a treatment that worked.

We came to the realization that there were those who only believed in the pharmaceutical (or allopathic) approach to treatment of psoriasis. This belief lead them to intentionally and constantly badger both Charlie and myself; and any others who wanted to try something that was not promoted by pharmaceutical companies.

We thought, perhaps naively, that everyone would be open to a treatment that had success on the level that this protocol has had. Unfortunately, in truth, the more success this protocol garnered, the more the badgering increased–bordering on what could be perceived as discrimination or, at the very least, bias by the moderators who control the discussion site.

If we rebutted, or tried to defend ourselves, against the so-called Trolls, we were either issued warning letters, suspended, had our posts deleted or had our discussion thread shut down. This happened to Charlie (then called “thepain”), who had one of the fastest growing, most popular threads on the on the NPF Inspire site. And it also happened to our combined thread “Freedom From Psoriasis–a Survival Kit and Fun”. Yet the instigators, who went as far as to call our discussion thread followers a “cult”, rarely received any disciplinary actions from the Team.

The battle against psoriasis is already overwhelming enough–but the battle to bring a simple, natural and cost-effective treatment to the public’s attention on the NPF site, was not only overwhelming–it was exhausting in its unfairness and frankly, discouraging.

We have chosen to bring this protocol to your attention via Social Media (which has no ties to pharmaceutical companies) and where our voices can be heard. And where we are not constantly looking over our shoulder for the next attack. Our fight is NOT with the NPF. It is with psoriasis.

It was always those who suffered the most–those who followed our discussion, asked questions, posted photos and shared their results that brought us the greatest satisfaction. And we had the testimonials to prove it.

Sadly, all our work was removed from the NPF site and we can no longer share our protocol there.

Here’s just one person’s reaction to our discussion thread being shut down:

“Why on earth would they shut down information that is bringing so many people the best result of their lives….This information needs made available to all psoriasis sufferers ALL THE TIME! Makes no sense removing it. Thank you again. Your kindness is far above the call of duty. Heaven has a closer spot to God for people like you.”

And there are many more that you can read throughout this website. Letters such as this kept us going–kept our spirits up. Both Charlie and myself are just two ordinary people who had suffered for decades from this terrible disease. We know what other psoriasis sufferers are going through. We know what you may be going through. We’re here to help you with something that REALLY WORKS!

And as Charlie would say:



  1. Vitamin D3 UPDATED Jan.2020 –  I took 40,0000 iu daily–20,000  with breakfast + 20,000 with dinner (or 40,000 with largest meal of the day)
  2. *Vitamin K2mk7 (soft gel) 400 mcg daily–200 with each meal (OR eat 50 grams of natto). Eat 1 tsp. of oil (coconut or olive) with the D3 and k2mk7.
  3. Magnesium Chloride Flakes in a 50/50 solution of flakes and water. Spray or dab on underarms, back of knees, scalp and bottoms of feet. Or on whole body.
  4. Eliminate dairy! Eliminate dairy! Eliminate ALL FORMS of dairy!  (and not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium, such as Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Orange Juice etc. (check labels for amount of added calcium above 30% per serving RDA)

After 2 months OR when the skin is quite clear: Gradually lower the D3 to 10,000 iu daily and that’s where to stay unless you are getting lots of sun.

Reduce k2 to 200 mcg  daily or  1 tablespoon of Natto.

Keep using the magnesium chloride solution under arms, etc. and on any new spots that might appear. If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.

Remember: Dairy is not your friend. Eat it and I guarantee you’ll have new spots almost immediately.

Be patient! IT WORKS!

*We used to recommend Life Extension Super K but it has been blocked by Health Canada. American members can still get this product.



Should I ask my doctor about this protocol?

Yes! Always keep your doctor in the loop. However, having said that, many doctors are not very knowledgeable about alternative/natural remedies and may never have heard of these supplements.

Should I get my D levels tested before I begin?

You can but you will read high. According to Dr. Coimbra (who has worked for several decades with high dose vitamin D) people  with autoimmune disease need more D than “normal” people.  Many people (if not most) have now been shown to have low D levels as a result of using sun screen and eating foods that are deficient in D due to current farming methods.

Does this protocol work for everyone?

It works for most people but we do get some people who were not getting results. But because we could not give advice nor recommend dosage on the NPF Inspire site, it was difficult to help some who were not using the protocol correctly. And some people just refuse to stop dairy.

I don’t want to stop dairy. Does it still work if I continue to eat yogurt?

No, it will not work as well. You are trying to remove excess calcium from your system. Adding dairy will either slow down, stall, or completely stop your progress.


CALCIUM – not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium (check labels for added calcium beyond 30%)

Do I have to stop eating eggs?

No! Eggs come from chickens—not cows. They are not dairy.

Can I still eat butter?

Yes. Thank heavens. Butter is low in calcium. Try to find grass fed cow’s butter.

Does this protocol work for psoriatic arthritis?

We have not had feedback that tells us that it works for psoriatic arthritis. But we have read some encouraging natural remedies (particularly turmeric) that we will discuss later on this website.

Are there any other vitamins or supplements that might be helpful when doing this protocol?

Yes. You might consider adding Omega 3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A (halibut liver oil), a good multi-vitamin. More recently (based on the Coimbra protocol which is similar to ours) I have started to take vitamin B2. And occasionally I take milk thistle which is good for the liver.

What about the dangers of “nightshades”?

I think it would be wise to limit nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc.)

Should I avoid gluten?

That’s a personal choice. You know your body better than anyone else. I avoided gluten for several months and then slowly added it back in with no negative consequences.

Is alcohol (beer, wine, spirits) bad for me?

Again, this depends on your constitution. Alcohol is hard on the liver and there have been some theories that psoriasis sufferers have weakened livers. Charlie drinks tons of beer and I drink occasionally. We’re both clear.

Can I use this protocol when taking biologics or other allopathic medicines?

Talk to your doctor about anything you add to your current medications.

I’ve read several articles about the dangers of high D3 intake—what am I supposed to believe?

As mentioned in the body of the website, the recommended daily dosage of D3 is as variable as the winds. Always consider the source of any article. Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money from vitamins or supplements. Scare tactics are effective. Connect the dots.

Where can I find the supplements that you used? is the website I went to for my k2mk7. (Life Extension Super K) New: this product may not be brought into Canada. But there are many more k2mk7 products that have appeared on the market in the past 5 years.

Vitamin D3 (5000 iu per soft gel) can be found on numerous websites and in health food stores in the United States. Unfortunately, in Canada, you can only get vitamin D3 soft gel in 1000 iu per pill. However, you can find vitamin D3 drops @ 1000 iu per drop which is easier than consuming a ton of pills.

Magnesium chloride flakes can be found in most reputable health food stores or you can order on-line.

Where can I find more information about this protocol?

You can no longer find two of our threads on the National Psoriasis Team Inspire discussion site (because they were deleted by moderators), titled:

1. “Something that Really Works” by thepain (this thread was about magnesium chloride. It was closed but you may still be able to access the information).

2. “Real Hope!!!” by Flintchick. This was the original thread that I found when my skin was at its worst (may still be available)

3.  “…and his jaw dropped!!!” by dakota23 and “FREEDOM FROM PSORIASIS: A Survival Kit and Fun (by dakota23 and thePain) were removed by Team Inspire and every word that we wrote during the year we were involved with the NPF simply disappeared (which I still think is shameful). It held a lot of good information and many testimonials (which we lost) about the supplements k2mk7 and D3—no dairy and magnesium chloride used transdermally, etc. not to mention a lot of great tips from the people who were following our threads.

PS. CALCIUM – not just dairy, but all foods that are “fortified” with calcium Always check labels for added calcium or the % of calcium. Avoid servings that have more than 30% RDA. 


Are there any side effects with this protocol?

Negative side effects:

Some people cannot take too much vitamin D3 and it keeps them awake at night. Some people experience their heart beating faster. The use of magnesium chloride can help with heart racing. If you experience anything worrisome, see your doctor. Also, you should not be taking blood thinners along with high dosage D3 or k2mk7.

K2 has not shown any negative side effects that we know of.

Magnesium Chloride solution: Can burn on plaques. Painful!!! Some people also experience loose stools. If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day (although loose stools are experienced more often from taking the magnesium chloride internally)

Positive side effects:

Magnesium chloride helps with sleep. And it repels mosquitoes!!! Charlie mixed the mag with an over the counter cream and put it on chigger bites and they stopped itching immediately.

Vitamin k2 + D3: Has been used as a natural remedy for osteoporosis and heart problems. It is also a natural anti-aging remedy.

129 thoughts on “Protocol Steps”

  1. Hi Dakota,

    I was introduced to this protocol about 2 months ago and it was a month ago that I started. In all fairness, I’ve been sincere in following the protocol exactly for the last 3 weeks.

    I’ve had psoriasis since I was about 10 years old, and I’m 31 now, so I’ve had it more than half my life. I’ve primarily had it on my scalp. Throughout the years it’s shown up in other areas on my body. Most particularly in the last 3 years it’s developed on my shoulders (every winter it would come and then in summer it would go, but last year it came in winter and never left), several spots on my back, tush, thigh and elbow, but all those areas had minor spots, nothing compared to my scalp which was 80-90% covered in psoriasis (and with long curly hair – believe me, it ain’t pretty!!).

    Since starting this protocol I’ve seen no improvement on my scalp but I have seen some improvement on my shoulders and in places I didn’t expect to see improvement (i.e. groin area and belly button which I thought was infested with a fungus, but after starting the protocol I saw some positive improvement in these areas, so I guess I had psoriasis there as well, or maybe this protocol helps clear fungus??).

    I do believe you when you say your clearing was unique. I wanted to be cleared in 6 weeks like you, but from the looks of it, that will not happen. I’m determined to keep on going and to incorporate as much as I’m learning. I’ve seen healing before when taking Chinese herbs. That is when I saw healing the most (about 90% cleared when I was a teen using Chinese herbal teas and creams and staying on a diet that called for no nightshades, spicy food, fried food, etc – pretty much similar to Pagano diet, but with a few more restrictions). I was going to a Chinese dermatologist who had healed many from psoriasis and other skin diseases, so I know it’s possible. It just takes a heck of amount of discipline, and then some! 🙂

    I’m taking the max D3 (30k UI) that you recommended but I’m thinking, after reading one of your blog posts, that I may want to try higher dosages (1000UI/kilo, which means I’d be taking nearly 68k!!). What would you recommend I consider before upping to higher dosage of D3? Should I slowly increase?

    I have a particular question that has plagued me.

    You said to not go more than 2 months on 20k-30kUI of D3. I can only assume that is the case if one actually sees clearing, because if one doesn’t, they must continue with the high dose, right?

    Another question I’ve been wondering about — is it OK to eat food that naturally has higher amounts of calcium yet is non-dairy (e.g. spinach, broccoli, kale, navy beans, black beans, etc)? Should we stay away from those kinds of food too or is there a safe amount of it to eat? From your experience, what have you seen as being a safe amount of calcium to eat a day from these kind of foods?

    Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’ll have more question in the future, but hopefully these that you answer will not only help me but others who read it. 🙂

    1. Hi Priscilla:

      Ok, good to see that the protocol is starting to work. And yes, it can take some time.

      When I had that second smaller flare (caused from Trader Joe’s almond milk which had 46% calcium fortified), I actually googled every darn thing I was eating to see how high it was in calcium and if it was high, I avoided it—even vegetables (until my skin was clear, then I returned to normal vegetable consumption). I read every label of everything I consumed. And I was particularly cautious of any of the almond/rice/oat beverages. Pacific makes an almond milk that has 0% calcium. My skin cleared quickly.

      Another trick is to not vigorously shake any dairy substitute drinks because the calcium sinks to the bottom of the container. I shake it a little because I don’t want to be drinking only water—ha! PS: it’s pretty easy to make your own almond milk and then you know for sure that it is not fortified. I did that for a while but got lazy.

      Your scalp: a couple of things that might help; Bethany (one of our original team of non-experts:) just e-mailed me about Head and Shoulders (the one that contains zinc and salicylic acid). She uses it and says it helps. I have mostly used T-Gel by Neutogena, extra strength. I don’t have to use it now as my scalp is clear. But I always keep it handy.

      When my hair was long, I would put coconut oil on the tips of my fingers and try to get it on my scalp while avoiding my hair. Then I just cut all my hair off and life was easier (although my dating life suffered—I’m joking).

      Diet; One of the things I removed decades ago (after reading a fairly good psoriasis booklet) was pork. And it made a difference. I mostly avoid nightshades. But occasionally I eat potatoes and the odd tomato.

      I ended up taking 40,000 iu the second time around. I realized that according to Dr. Coimbra I could have taken as much as 56,000 iu but decided that 40,000 was ok. If you do decide to go higher, consider doing it for a short time and watch for results. And definitely up your k2mk7 and drink LOTS of water. Also add some vitamin K2 (another of Dr. Coimbra’s suggestions).

      I’m assuming you are spraying the magnesium chloride daily. It’s an important part of the protocol.

      Staying on the high dose: One of our members stayed a fair bit longer on the 40,000 iu (4 months, I believe). I can’t make recommendations as I’m not a medical professional. However, Dr. Coimbra (in his hospital study) had his patients on 35,000 iu D3 for 6 months. And he uses even higher dosage with patients with other autoimmune diseases. so, I’ll leave that decision up to you.

      Now, for some reason I couldn’t get this onto the website but I’ll try again (or phone our web guy to ask for help) but at least you’ll get a personal answer for now.



  2. Hi Dakota,
    Quick question….mag chloride in an oil you spray on your body? I have it already and have bought the flakes but wondered if you’d tried the oil? I’m in Holland and there is a site here selling supplements and pretty much the exact protocol, I bought the oil from them.
    Thanks for all your work. Laura

    1. I used the mag chloride oil at first but it is definitely way more expensive (you’re paying for the water:) It’s so easy to make your own and costs virtually nothing. Dakota

  3. Hi Dakota,
    I started your protocol 3 months ago. I got some relief but I have developed side effects. My knees got stiffer and make cracking sound. So as my other joints. I have started forgetting things. I researched on net and found all these symptoms related to “calcium deficiency”

    Now I am confused: the point of whole protocol is to eliminate calcium but in your video, you say
    that we should take calcium supplement too. Won’t the calcium supplement aggravate the symptoms?

    Now coming back to my issue, I started taking calcium supplement due to all the symptoms mentioned above, my memory got better, knees get crack and stiff lesser now.
    But since I started calcium supplement, I stopped vitamin d and k as I thought let the calcium deficiency be over, than i will start taking all of them together.

    Now please tell me what should I do?

    Should I take Vitamin d,k , mag and calcium supplement together?

    If you say that I should take calcium supplement too, then how much should I take daily? Presently, I am taking 1 gram per day.

    Please advice. I am in severe stress.

    Thanks a ton

    1. The point of the protocol is to lower calcium, not eliminate it. No dairy, no foods “fortified” with calcium. You can get calcium from food sources (high calcium vegetables, etc). I personally never use calcium supplements anymore, although I did take a coral calcium supplement a few years ago. but I do not (and cannot) make recommendations re: supplementation with calcium as I am not a medical professional.

      Here’s what I did: I took the high dosage D3 (split between two meals–breakfast and dinner). I took more D3 in the morning than in the evening. I took the k2mk7 (Life Extension Super K) morning and evening. I used the mag chloride (topically only) morning and evening. If your skin is particularly irritated, avoid the worst areas with the mag. And I drank lots of water during high dosage D3 consumption.

      I only used the high dosage for a couple of months, then gradually lowered to a maintenance dosage of 10,000 iu daily.

      Stress is a killer. I recommend listening to Michael Sealey hypnosis/meditation youtube. He has many to choose from and they are all free on youtube.

      I also rub my skin (that has itchy spots) with one of those frozen gel packs that are used in camping coolers to keep food fresh. Find small ones that are smooth (not with patterns that might irritate your skin). Or go to a baby store and find some “teethers” that are flat and smooth. Keep these in your freezer and use frequently during the day. They help.

      I cannot give medical advice. I am not a medical professional. I am just a person who got results with this protocol. If you are having serious problems with the protocol you may have to try some other course of action.

      All the best,


  4. Hi all, I want to make sure I am doing this correct. I got the LifeExtension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex it has 2600 mcg of vitamin K from
    K1 1500 mcg (phytonadione)
    K2 1000 mcg (menaquinone – 4) and
    K2 100 mcg (all-trans menaquinone-7)
    Doctor’s Best vitamon D3 5000 IU
    So I take 3 D3 with a meal twice daily and one K twice a day or, 3 D3 twice daily with a meal and one K once a day due to the amounts this one has?

    1. ok, the life extension super K has changed their formula. the only part you need to be aware of is the k2 100 mcg (all trans menaquinone-7). It says 100 mcg but is actually 200 because the new form is more bio-available. I can’t recommend dosage as I am not a medical professional. What I did was take 15-20,000 D3 with breakfast and dinner. And one super K with each meal. But I was also eating half a container of natto (about 200 mcg k2mk7) Hope this helps. Dakota

  5. Hai Dakota,
    Why the protocol does not recommend taking oral magnesium supplements ? Is there any particular reason for that ? I got mild scalp psoriasis with P. Artritis.But whenever I use oral magnesium supplements my scalp psoriasis multifold aggressively even though my artritis pain and stiffness reduce considerably. As your protocol states that initially psoriasis increases, Is it same with my use of oral magnesium supplements or it is due to stimulation of autoimmunity ? I started taking vit d3 but resulted in 5 mm kidney stone so I stopped, but continued use of oral magnesium supplements and k2. May I request you to throw some light on my doubts and clarify them. Thank you in anticipation.

    1. ok, the reason for transdermal magnesium chloride (be sure not to substitute magnesium sulphate or any other magnesium) is that it is better metabolized by those with autoimmune disease or gut issues. Also, taken internally it can cause diarrhea. You say that you are taking k2 but please be advised that it needs to be the k2 mk7 variety (not k2mk4, which can be quite easily found in food products). Not sure about connecting D3 with kidney stones. Will have to do more research on this. The combination of D3 and k2mk7 means that the D3 is pulling excess calcium from where it should not be and the k2 mk7 is directing that calcium to the bones and teeth. I’m also not sure that psoriasis “increases” with the use of topical magnesium chloride. It just looks that way because of redness (caused by the stinging effect of the topical magnesium chloride when one starts to use it.) Hope this helps. Dakota

  6. Hi Dakota,
    I am just about to start your protocol. I have few queries:

    1) How many sprays do I need on my body per sitting? I meant how many times should I spray on my underarms, how many times behind the knees etc?

    2) You said tablets are not as good as softgels? How about capsules? I could not find high doses softgels of Vitamin D and K2 in a single supplement. If I choose softgels, I will have to buy k2 separately?

    3) I am afraid of high doses of Vitamin D3. Is 5000 IU good enough to clear scalp psoraisis?

    Expecting your early reply


    1. Hi Martin: You can spray a couple of times a day.

      I’m not sure where you got the idea that the D & K had to be in a single supplement. They don’t. Buy them separately.

      If you’re afraid of high dosage D3 I suggest you do research on Dr. Cicero Coimbra. He has been working with patients who have autoimmune diseases for over 2 decades. His dosage is way higher than what I took (1000 iu per kilo of body weight). I take 10,000 iu daily now that my skin is clear. That’s my MAINTENANCE dosage. 5000 iu simply won’t work.

  7. Hi Dakota,

    I have couple of doubts on the protocol. Now the Vitamin K2 is available in only 100 mcg only. But the other combination in that Life Extension Super K remains same except K2 combination. So I use 4 tables daily so it covers 400 mcg. Hope its safe even though the other Ks have higher dose?

    Also the Magnesium Chloride, I have been applying on all over the body so far but its bit not comfortable to use it twice if we go to office in the morning. So doing that only before sleep. Should we apply all over the patches or its okay to apply at some sensitive parts of the body to absorb into?

    I have psoriasis all over my scalp. Some times i m applying Magnesium on scalp too. 🙁

    If we give up the dose, the skin is getting worse within in days. So I m afraid if we can continue through out the lifetime? I m 39 at present.. Kindly suggest!


    1. I don’t know how I keep missing question but here I am–better late than never:)

      1. I phoned Life Extension when they changed the formula for the Super K. Before, it had 200 mcg of k2mk7 but they changed it to 100 mcg and told me that the new 100 mcg was equivalent to the original 200 mcg. So, you are taking double the amount. Now, there have not been any problems with taking too much k2mk7 so don’t worry. Just lower the dosage a bit if you feel uncomfortable about it.

      2. The magnesium chloride could be used under arms and behind knees in the morning. Just leave it on. Unless it causes irritation. Then leave on for 20 minutes (while you’re eating breakfast) and then wipe off.

      3. Re: scalp This is up to you if it doesn’t cause irritation rub (gently) onto scalp and leave it on or rinse off after 20 minutes.

      4. The protocol is not just for a few months but for a lifetime. I still use it every day (reduced to maintenance level–10,000 iu D3, 1 pill of Life Extension Super K, I’m a bit on and off with the magnesium chloride but try to do it 4 or 5 times a week, and still avoid dairy and anything fortified with calcium.

      Sorry to be so late to respond. I have spoken with Michael (our web guy) and he doesn’t know why I don’t get notification about questions like yours. I will be checking every week now to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

      Good luck!


  8. Hi there, I just joined your website, looking for relief of psoriasis, pretty much all over my body, have had it for about 33 years, took 10,000 iu a few months ago, it cured my psoriasis about 85%, problem is I noticed that I started to have heart racing, where it would beat alot for a few seconds, then quit. Because of this I quit the Vitamin D totally and in about a month and a half later, I am just as covered with psoriasis as I was, but have been taking the vitamin d3 for almost a month, but still really bad, guess my question is , will your system work for me even if I have to take 5000iu of vitamin D? Also, what brand name of vitamin d3 do you take? sorry for writing such a long message.

    thanks and look forward to your reply,

    1. sorry, i missed your question. I had some heart racing when I first started but it went away. I don’t know about 5000 iu working. I take 10,000 iu daily for a maintenance level. Dr. Coimbra states that 10,000 is not enough to do much for any auto-immune disease. I have used several different brands of D3. As long as it’s a reputable company.

    2. I just found a comment where it said that if you’re having heart racing when taking higher dosage of D3 you need to increase your use of the magnesium chloride. Don’t know how I missed that piece of information but there it is. Heart racing? Use the mag chloride several times a day.

  9. Hi Dakota

    A question that has been answered by you in a post earlier . Can we take the total D3 and K2 together during the day or we do need to split the dosage .

    And the amount of oil to be applied is to reach the point when the stomach turns loose and be a little less than that ? It would be different for different people .

    Thanks a lot for this Dakota and Charlie .

    1. vivek; I’m pretty sure your questions are already answered in the protocol. When on high dosage, split it–half at breakfast, half at dinner. I’ve never had stomach issues with magnesium. It’s when you take mag supplements that this occurs. I use it all over sometimes, and other times just the best areas (under arms, behind knees, bottom of feet.

  10. Hi Dakota and Charlie,

    I came back with a surprise finding from India. Its not something very new though. Recently we got some revolution from a rural part of Indian Villages to cure Diabetes and other related issues. There is a person called Veeramachineni Ramakrishna who become very famous on YouTube with his findings to permanently cure Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure etc irrespective of Age. His simply formula is base don Keetone Diet. He suggests to completely change the food habbits and stay away from all types of carbohydrates and habituate to take Protein+FAT instead of Carbohydrates which will reduce the requirement of Insulin in body and eliminates all issues. There is a protocol he suggests for all such patients, out of surprise, within 5 days of using that protocol, My Psoriasis started healing. I got almost new skin within two weeks gap. I stopped using Vit D3 and K2 as i used very high dosage for one month. Could not continue further. If you get time, Please give a look into this Keetone Diet. I will give full details if you are interested to check it further. There are many Psoriasis patients who got relief within 20 days of using this protocol. It changes our body metabolism without Carbohydrates. So please have a look, it would really helpful for many.



    1. sorry about the delay. I’ve been busy working on a book. I’ll check out the diet although I eat carbs and just about everything except dairy and have been psoriasis free for 3 1/2 years. I continue to take the D3 but not at the high dosage. I stay at 10,000 for maintenance. And I still take the k2mk7 1-200 mcg daily. And still spray the magnesium chloride daily. I have been working on a topical ointment with an oil from India. That seems to be helping a friend I know who has psoriasis (but not very severe). I can’t really test it on myself as I have practically no psoriasis (and trust me, I’m not complaining:) Dak

  11. Hello all,

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for sharing this info and congrats on overcoming the board issues. Regrettably, I’ve had similar experiences and although I grew out of ‘conspiracy theories’ many years ago, I also know enough to know that the world we live in isn’t perfect. Trusting your intuition and recognising disinformation is a skill you will regrettably have to refine but it will stand you in great stead for the rest of your life once you’ve mastered it.

    I have been following a similar protocol with great success until recently. I suffer from pustular/palmoplantar on my feet and hands. On a whim and because I didn’t have much money, I bought some butter and a few baguettes to tide me over until payday – big mistake.

    I hadn’t made the connection until I read your protocol tbh but it does make perfect sense. The butter is literally the only different thing I’ve eaten recently as I’ve been toying with paleo style eating. I was almost back to square one, seemingly overnight, but I’m so glad it happened now as I can see exactly what caused it.

    I have used the mag mix separately years ago with some success but obviously, consuming dairy as I was at the time, I quickly became disheartened and gave up. I’ll now re-introduce it with the D3 and K I was already using.

    Again, I’d tried D3 on its own previously but gave up as the p kept coming (as I continued to be oblivious to the dairy link). I decided to purchase some last month and note with interest you can now only purchase 4000 iu max dose – I missed this most recent change in legislation but I could have predicted it tbh. I had previously been able to get 10000 iu. Id be interested in your take on this though I suspect I already know what you’d say 😉

    Anyway – thank you again for making this information available for free. For all those just starting out – don’t give up, keep going! We’re almost there.

    The next time someone tells you P is just something you have to live with, you can laugh in their face. Our bodies are very clever but can only make use of the raw materials we provide them with. If you filled your gas tank with water and grumbled that the car wouldn’t budge, people would call you barmy, not tell you it’s just something you’ll have to live with.

    Dis-ease is NOT a natural human state. Period. Don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise. And always remember that nobody has control over your health but YOU.

    I’m very proud of you all.

    Karl x

    1. Karl: I’ve been doing more writing on the Facebook page (not everyone’s cup of tea….but…) and based on information from Dr. Coimbra in Brazil, it’s not the dairy per se that is the problem, but rather the calcium. Now, I did realize this before reading Dr. Coimbra, but hadn’t realized that fortified drinks (almond milk, orange juice, etc) could be equally or even more problematic than dairy.

      I only had one flare in the past 3 1/2 years and it was because I’d changed almond milk brands. It took a few months to find out that the new one had 46% calcium per serving compared to 30% in my previous brand. So that was an eye opener. It appears that there is a tipping point when it comes to calcium.

      Now, having said that, butter is rarely an issue, being very low in calcium. And grass fed cow’s butter has almost no calcium. So I have never stopped eating butter.

      I think adding the magnesium chloride will make a difference. The more I read about it and it’s importance in combination with D3 and K2mk7, the more impressed I become. I was on again off again about using the magnesium until recently, but after reading more about it I don’t miss a day of spraying it on my body.

      Thank you for your kind words (and an elegantly written post–so refreshing to see the English language treated with the respect it is due:)

      Best of luck.


      My little joke: “We’re healing the world, one flake at a time:)”

      1. Thanks Dakota!

        I realised after I’d posted I’d also splurged on half a tub of ice-cream I’d found in the freezer (I was hungry and cupboard-raiding). Either way, I’d obviously given myself a massive dose of the stuff and the results were evident the very next day.

        While I really wouldn’t miss dairy on the whole, I do sometimes crave butter. Perhaps I’ll reserve it as a treat every now and then.

        I’d never considered fortified drinks, either. It’s not really as popular here in the UK but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. I have also toyed with blood-type eating which had me scanning ingredients like a demon anyway, so it’s another fine skill to develop.

        Generally speaking, pairing my diet down, preparing my own food from scratch and just being more mindful about what I’m eating has really helped. Being aware of the calcium connection and knowing there are a whole group of you who already knew about D3 and K has renewed my confidence greatly. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re a bit out on your own with p.

        I’m off to make some new mag mix. Thanks for your response.

        Karl ????

  12. Hi,
    Thanks so much for creating this website. I’ve started taking the vitamin K2 (life extension – 2 tablets per day) and 5,000iu vit D3 but the problem is that my scalp psoriasis has flared a lot. I am getting headaches taking these tablets and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. I am already strictly dairy free as I am allergic. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don’t want to quit this protocol as it makes sense but I’m not sure it’s working.


    1. Ok, Hazel, a few things. I cannot give advice re: dosage, however, in my readings from quite a number of doctors (particularly Dr. Coimbra in Brazil) and naturopaths 5,000 iu is not even daily maintenance dosage for D3. When I was first doing this protocol I took between 35-40,000 iu daily for a period of 2 months and then slowly (over about a six week period) reduced the D3 to 10,000 iu daily. That’s what I now take every day. And have done for the past 3 1/2 years.

      You don’t say anything about magnesium chloride which is very important. Used topically. Made from Ancient Minerals flakes and water. It is an important part of the protocol–helping to move the excess calcium.

      Also check any of your dairy substitutes. If they have a high calcium content–don’t consume them.

      As for the headaches, I’m not sure why that is happening. Are you drinking plenty of water? Dr. Coimbra suggests 2.5 litres daily–which I find to be a lot and probably never get that much into me, but I drink more than I did in the past.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Hi Dakota,

        Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. I think the only reason why I haven’t tried higher vitamin D was that I supplemented quite heavily with it about 2-3 years ago and my Dr said my levels were too high although I obviously didn’t take anything else which would explain why it wasn’t right to do that. I was also concerned because it’s our summer in the uk so I’m really trying to maximise the amount of sunlight I’m getting everyday. But I will try to up my dose over the next few days.

        You’re right, I haven’t done the magnesium chloride part yet which I will try this week.

        I definitely get plenty of water but it happens within a few hours of taking the supplements. I also take omega 3 and biotin for my hair as it’s started to fall quite a lot. Do you think I need to take the supplements seperately?



        1. Hazel: I’m just thinking out loud. It could be the brand of D3 that you are taking. Is it a soft gel? I don’t get headaches so it’s hard to know what you’re experiencing. I take all my supplements at the same time now but used to split them between breakfast and dinner when at the higher dosage.

          Magnesium might just help the issue. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.l



  13. Hi Dakota and Charlie
    Thanks so much for what you do. I flared up this summer in WA state and have now been in Honolulu since Oct. Any day it is sunny I lay out for up to an hour. Any guess how much D I should take? I am doing 6-10000 along with the sun. The parts of me that do not get the sun haven’t been clearing much (scalp, groin) tho the sun exposed portions have improved alot.n Also not making progress on my ears. Also every time I try to use the mag after 2 weeks I get allergic to it and I start swelling and have to go off for quite awhile. Have any of you tried topical vitamin D creme and if so what do you think? Thanks

  14. Wonderful result! I m very happy to notify you all that I m 90% clear now! First time in past 22 years! My daily bathing routine came down to 15 mins from 1 hour! I feel really fresh in my new skin! I can see the clear skin from day 3 onwards! I started posting about this forum in all public forums but personally! First two weeks i was using capsule based K2MK7. Now I got Life Extension Super K. Some rough patches are there from past many years which got really rough skin and taking time to flatten. Very few dry patches on body. Also few spots on the edge of forehead and on back of the neck taking time. It may be due to this bad winter. Even for normal people, its difficult to manage. So its expected condition! Many black spots left over on the skin after healing the P. It may take some time to get them fade into normal skin color! I suggest all who ever reading this, Please dont waste money and time by trying biologics and other life threatening medicines to get some relief for some limited period. Please try this protocol and you will see the results from day 3. About the magnesium chloride, it first stings your skin on very first day, later you will enjoy it applying on the skin as it gives soothing feel. Dont ignore, this is also main part of protocol. I gave up all forms of Dairy. But still not sure what to exclude from other types of foods, I keep on testing!

    Thanks a ton to both Dakota and Charlie! You are wonderful human beings sharing your story and this protocol to many suffering people in this world. I hope this helps many others! You need somebody help to update this blog time to time. There are many others waiting to see the results and wanted to hear from you time to time.

    1. Forgot to update that I started 20K IU D3 ( Doctor’s Best D3 5000IU softgels 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner )and Life Extension Super K 200mcg (100mcg K2MK7 as all-trans menaquinone 7) one with breakfast and 1 with Dinner. Magnesium oil (Magnesium flakes and water 50:50) for external application once during night time. You will see bit disturbance in sleeping routines. I get to sleep early thats immediately after dinner around 9PM and get up during midnight (1AM) or very early hours (3AM-5AM). Just practice, you will over come that difference. All the best!

    2. Thanks, Surya, for the great testimonial. And I’m really happy to hear that the protocol has been so helpful for you. Now, this is just nit-picking but I started the protocol at approximately 35,000 iu D3 daily. This is the same dosage that they used at the hospital study in Brazil. And, to be honest, there has been no long term study on the high dosage. But if 20,000 iu worked for you, then that’s interesting to hear. We’re basically the lab rats who are testing this protocol on ourselves. So far, so good:) Dakota

  15. I just found this page, and was wondering.. You mentioned using drops in your Q & A, but everywhere else you said use only softgels. I’m guessing that the liquid drops would work just as well as they were mentioned in the Q & A? I’m finding drops to be easier on my budget, and probably way easier for me than taking a bunch of pills everyday. Also they don’t have all of the added ingredients that pills usually have, like gelatin. Another question, if the drops or softgels already have olive oil or coconut oil, do you still recommend adding fat?

    1. Ok, here’s the deal. If you live in Canada you can only buy D3 in 1000 iu soft gels. That means taking one heck of a lot of pills each day (at least for the first couple of months). In the U.S. you can buy D3 in 5000 iu and 10,000 iu strengths which is what I do. I have to cross the border and go to Bellingham every three months or so. It’s a pain but is such a saving cost-wise. Even the drops end up being expensive. But the drops are just as good, maybe better, than the soft gels. It’s a matter of convenience. And in answer to your second question, I always take coconut oil with my supplements, just in case. Hope this helps. Dakota

  16. Hi Dakota,

    I found “Life Extension Super K” with advanced K2 complex on Amazon. But the supplement facts about one softgel is given below. Is it the same one you are using? I wonder the other K1 and K2 MK4 has high portion in this combination. Please suggest if its fine. I would like to order this as you said its important to have gel based.

    Vitamin C 10mg
    Vitamin K1 1500mcg
    Vitamin K2 MK4 1000mcg
    Vitamin K2 MK7 100mcg

    One more question about Magnesium chloride application on scalp. Does it harm the hair growth if we directly apply on scalp?


    1. Opps, sorry Surya, the Christmas season took me away from things. Now, the life extension Super K used to have 200 mcg of k2mk7 but now it has only 100. I called the company and they say it’s an improved form and that it has the same potency as the original ones. I’m not sure what to believe but I have started eating more natto and less supplements because with the natto I know for sure what I’m getting (3-500 mcg per small container). Mag chloride on the scalp can be painful but I am currently testing some of Ancient Mineral products and will be talking to their rep who happens to be in Vancouver. So I may have suggestions for a better product to use on your scalp. I did find that the k2 mk7 was not as effective in capsule form. Hope this helps. Sorry about the slow reply. Dakota

  17. Hi Dakota,

    Thanks for all your efforts. I m waiting for my order! Mean while, I stopped dairy and preferring only leafy vegetables to increase possible magnesium levels naturally.

    I m bit afraid of the high dosage of D3. Hope it doesnt effect the liver! Supplemental “vitamin”-D KILLS Liver Retinol that is needed. I read it from

    Thanks again for all your help!

    1. Surya: I cannot give dosage so you will have to read between the lines of what I’m going to say. I did the high dosage D3 (soft gel) for only around three months and then lowered to a maintenance level of 10,000 iu daily. I also take (from time to time) Milk Thistle which is a natural healer for the liver. I do this just in case I have done any damage to my liver. But after three years I have not had any adverse side effects. As for the magnesium chloride, from what I’ve read it is better to use the magnesium chloride solution (50/50 ratio of the magnesium chloride flakes and water) topically. Good luck. Take photos before and after! Cheers, Dakota

      1. Thats great you are still reading and replying promptly. I have just received my order. Unfortunately, K2 MK7 i received in the form of vegan capsules, but not gel based. I got the D3 in gel based ie Doctor’s best Vitamin D3 5000 IU. Hope I can start with these two combo? or should I order only gel based for Vitamin K2 again? Sorry for asking each and every small thing. But as you know, I m in dilemma and also very excited to see my skin clear with this protocol. Only visible path is your guidance and expertise.

        Thanks again! Happy Holidays…

  18. Just want to say” Thank you very much!!!” your protocol seems to work for me! It reduces my Psoriasis.
    I hope other patients will know your protocol to apply.

  19. Hi Dakota and Charlie

    I’m new to your website. Thank you for the information you have provided.

    I didn’t receive the Protocol PDF via email and I’m going round in circles trying to download it.

    I have psoriasis on my chin which I can keep under control by shaving at least every other day. If I don’t shave for longer than that I get big red patches appear and the scaliness follows.

    Can you help with The Protocol PDF?

    Best wishes

    London, UK

    1. Hi this is the webmaster. We only occasionally get people having a problem with downloading the PDF. The issue always is that they are not logged in to their account or ALSO they have not clicked the confirm link in the email you receive after signing up (if there was a typo in your email you will not get the confirm email and your account will not activate). I can confirm your account is active.

      When you are successfully logged in you will see a blue bar across the top of the page with your name in the top right. All downloads work fine then, this process has just been tested/checked again.

      If you have the blue bar and still it will not download then there is something else going on and please let us know.
      Once logged in go to this page to download, or click the PDF link that was in your welcome email after you log in.
      or here :

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  20. Thanks for the interesting information, I’ve suffered with Psoriasis for over 30years and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2006. I’m on various meds for this. But since I started on Vit D3 a year ago and started using magnesium oil topically about 3 months ago, there’s been a massive improvement in my skin. Now reading this has given me encouragement to improve things further and I’m going to give it a go by adding in the K2. I don’t take much dairy, I don’t drink alcohol anyway, so here’s to hoping that I get results. Thanks again x

    1. Great to hear that your skin is improving. Now, the D3 and the K2 mk7 are in a bit of a dance. The D3 draws (or pulls) the excess calcium from the plaques and the K2 mk7 directs that calcium to the bones and teeth. At my skins worst I was taking 40,000 iu D3 Softgel daily (20,000 with breakfast, 20,000 with dinner) and from 600 – 800 mcg (micrograms) of K2 mk7. Both are soft gels. I found those to be the best. I used Life Extension Super K plus Jarrow k2mk7 (also soft gel). The Jarrow has 90 mcg of k2 mk7 and it’s not mixed with anything else. The Super K has k2 mk4 and a few other things in it. I wanted to make sure I had enough of the k2 mk7. After 2 months, when my skin was clear, I lowered the D3 over about a six week period, until I was down to 10,000 iu D3 soft gel and that’s where I stay. And now I take between 200 to 400 mcg of the k2 mk7. Hope this helps (and that it isn’t confusing–if it is, send me an e-mail with any questions). Good luck! Dakota

    1. Well, Louise, I have finally got the answer to that question. I know that butter is dairy but I never stopped eating it. So, today I googled grass fed butter and looked at the calcium content which is 0.0%. There you have it. There’s no calcium. And it’s not just dairy that’s the issue. It’s foods that are high in calcium. So, anything that is fortified with calcium is problematic. Dairy just happens to be very high in calcium. And people with psoriasis (according to a study I found) “have an inability to metabolize calcium”. Hope that helps:) Dakota

      1. Thanks so much. I love butter so am thrilled!
        Am just starting the protocol so will let you know how I get on. Thank you for all your work on the site and the information. It’s fantastic that you have helped so many xx

  21. It is helping. I wish I had taken fotos before of my shins. I really wanted to get my lower legs to a point where I could go with my kids to the beach and wear shorts. Well, it looks like it’s shorts time. I had patches of pso. 12 inches by 4-6 inches on my shins, and they are just gone. Body patches seem to be less flaky. It has been 25-30 days. I admit I ate a piece of pizza someone who didn’t know I was abstaining from dairy handed me without thinking, I felt a bit more itch etc the next day, but kept plugging on.

    1. Alsion,

      You likely need higher dosages of D3. The Coimbra Protocol has about a 95% complete remission rate of Psoriasis. However the dose of D3 has to be set based on your parathyroid hormone (PTH) reaction. D3 naturally lowers your parathyroid, so in the Coimbra Protocol the goal is to get your PTH down to the low end of its range without increasing calcium levels above normal. Some people need much higher dosages of D3 to do this. Up to 300,000 IUs per day, you will need to find a Coimbra Protocol trained Doctor to help you with this. I am confident this is your problem.

      Here is a list of currently trained Doctors:

    1. Hi Alex: There is no average time. I was lucky and cleared in 6 weeks (but I had been completely dairy free for a couple of months before starting the protocol. Some people take months. Patience is the virtue needed:) Dakota

  22. Hi,

    I was diagnosed with psoriasis last March 2017, my doctor gave me a steroid pills and it worked, but I know it will come back. I will try this protocol while my P is still sleeping due to steroid (turning 1 month now).
    – Vitamin D3
    – Vitamin k2
    – Magnesium chloride flakes
    – No to dairy

    Feeling Hopeful 🙂

  23. Hi,
    I started the protocol a month ago but had to go off it after a week. I am ready to commit fully and wonder if I need to have a blood test first to see what my levels are? Thanks.

  24. hi,
    has anyone had any reaction to their skin when starting the high dose of vitd & k2 – i’ve had a rash come up on my neck and it looks blotchy – wasn’t sure if it was connected?
    also – i know we have to cut out dairy but what about other foods high in calcium should those be excluded too? following on to that question can we eat anything made with goats milk?

  25. Hi Dakota, I have been on the protocol for 3 weeks now and am already noticing an improvement. I’ve just been to the store and restocked and have bought vitamin D3 in tablet form, not gel or powder capsule, the active ingredients are the same so is it ok to use them instead of the gel (I’ve already opened the tub.
    Jan (Adelaide South Australia)

  26. hi, i’m going to start on this regime but wanted to read the extra tips but it seems to keep giving me an error 500? is it better to spray the magnesium onto the psoriasis patches please or soak the feet? also how long should it be before i see any results? many thanks

    1. Hi Alison: I would avoid spraying directly on plaques if the skin is broken (because it will be very painful!) Soak your feet and put the mag solution under your arms. And on unbroken plaques. About how long it will take to see results–it depends on a number of things. If you don’t stop dairy, you won’t see results. If you stop dairy, take the supplements, use the magnesium chloride correctly you will see results but everyone is different. My skin cleared quickly but I had stopped dairy for 2 months before starting the protocol. Charlie didn’t see results for a couple of months. Take photos. Cheers and good luck, Dakota

      1. thanks Dakota – much appreciated. i have sprayed the plagues directly and actually it wasn’t that bad. dairy is proving difficult as i LOVE cheese but i’ll get there 🙂

  27. Started the protocol a couple of days ago and my arthrites got worse,is it normal to get worse before you get better?and want to say that i do follow your protocol perfect.

    1. If you are using this protocol for psoriatic arthritis we may not be able to help you. The 4 part protocol has been used successfully for plaque and guttate psoriasis. We did hear from one of our members about using a bio-available turmeric supplement for psoriatic arthritis. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Dakota,the reason i started on your protocol was to get my plaque psoriasis under control,what i was wondering about was, can you get worse before you get better?.
        The reason i ask is that my arthritis has been getting worse,my plauqe psoriasis has not gotten worse or better.
        Sorry my terrible english i am from Norway and havet been writhing english for 20 years.

  28. Hello,
    I have just started your protocol. In addition to having psoriasis on my scalp I am trying to lose weight. Following my exercise, I have been using a low carb whey protein shake for recovery. Does whey protein have the same effect as other dairy products do?
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

      1. Thanks so much! I think this protocol is already working. Ordered a different shake powder this morning just to eliminate any problem. I admit that I miss my cheese 🙁
        So grateful for you!

    1. I’m new here but have been researching as I read through the website. The reason that butter doesn’t have much/any calcium in it is because in the process of making butter you seperate out the proteins (whey) from the fats (butter). My understanding is that all the calcium goes with the proteins.

      So I’d assume you want to avoid whey.

  29. Hi, I’m very new to this site as it was just linked to my Facebook psoriasis group. So I’ve got bad psoriasis to where my dermatologist said my condition was severe. I’ve been taking the Vitamins D3, Vitamin K and Magnesium pills for the past 45 days. My D3 intake has only been at 8,000 UI and my vitamin K is just one pill (can’t remember the amount). I didn’t notice any difference when taking those vitamins… But I really didn’t change my diet much either. I still drank my mochas in the morning and ate yogurt.

    I’ve heard bunch of concerns with the high dosage of Vitamin D3 intake from my father who recently had a heart attack. He went the full healthy road after his attack and did a bunch of research and got himself off the statin medicine the doctors had him go on.

    I guess my only concern is the D3.

    1. Hi David: I’m not sure if you have read carefully the protocol because to be honest, you’re not doing it correctly.

      The high dosage D3 is only for a couple of months. Then I reduced it. You are currently taking less than what I use as a maintenance level of D3.

      I take a soft gel, k2 (and it has to be the mk7 form of the K2). I found a Jarrow k2 mk7 in Mexico which is only k2 mk7 but usually I use Life Extension Super K which has the k2 mk7 plus k2 mk4 and a few other non-important ingredients.

      The magnesium chloride is used topically (not taken orally). We show you how to make it. Please watch the video or read the PDF.

      And if you keep eating dairy of any form (milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc) this protocol will be waste of your time and money.

      I am now 2 1/2 years virtually psoriasis free. And that is because I follow this protocol to the T! My diagnosis was “severe”. If you want this to work, you can’t just pick and choose what you want to do and then imagine that some magic is going to make it work for you. Really! Come one. We’ve made this protocol as easy as possible and you haven’t even taken the time or effort to read it or to follow it. No surprise that you haven’t seen results.

  30. My daughter is 3 years old and was just recently diagnosed with psoriasis. Do you have any recommendations for a 3 year old? Can I try this with her? Thank you so much!!

    1. Oooh, that’s tricky. I’ve never had a question about someone so young. I guess if it was my daughter I’d find alternatives to dairy (almond milk, coconut milk, grass fed butter, etc. There are even some good non-dairy ice cream products) I might soak her feet in a lighter solution of the magnesium chloride. Not sure about the supplements D3 and K2 mk7. I’d talk to someone knowledgable in a reputable health food store. They might give you suggestions. We’re all low in D3 because of sunscreen and staying inside. k2 mk7 used to be found in dairy but since moving the dairy cattle inside and grain feeding them the k2 no longer shows up in dairy products. I think the key for her might be stopping dairy altogether. I never thought I’d succeed but I have and dairy isn’t part of my life anymore (except for the very rare cheat:)

      Wow! I decided to call my favourite health food store and talked for half an hour with this wonderful woman (who coincidentally has psoriasis–go figure) who gave me all the information you might need. She said that k2 mk7 is great for kids. She gives it to her own two children. She said that Natural Factors has a soft gel with 120 mcg of k2 mk7 plus 1000 iu of D3. She thought that two of these per day would be fine. And she did suggest that they be chewed. I thought maybe with a gummy bear (not sure what country you’re from and if you know what a gummy bear is:) If not, it’s a chewy kids candy now made with fruit juice and sold in health food stores. She agreed about stopping dairy and came up with an interesting thought–she said that her psoriasis completely disappeared each time she got pregnant and she wondered if it was because the baby (inside) was using up the calcium. Now that is something to consider.

      Anyway, hope this helps!

      Good luck for you and your daughter,


      1. Thank you so, so much!! I live in the US and will look up these supplements immediately! I’m determined to help her anyway I can! I just hate to apply steroid creams and give her medications. It just feels we’re soothing the symptoms and not even touching real issues/illness. I have been on a gluten-free, diary free diet for some time now. A few years ago I was struggling with so many different issues and dietary change completely improved my life. I eat meat now only 2 to 3 times a week and try to stay away from red meat. Anytime I can, I substitute cow milk with almond or coconut milk and my kids are getting used to these alternatives. Trader Joe’s has been our best friend for some time 🙂
        I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for your advice! I’ll keep you posted! You are such a blessing for our family! xoxo

  31. Haha – I already curse like a sailor! Ugh, not sure I can take pictures of this hideousness. 🙂 But I am super-excited to try this. My supplies should be here tomorrow. Praying I get to be a testimonial on your page. Much love to you for what you have done here.

  32. I’m very excited to find this website. Watched the videos and will start as soon as possible. Question (sorry if this was answered and I missed it): how often do you apply the mag chloride per day? Sounds like more than once per day.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Tami: Use it several times each day (2-3 if possible). Careful not to put it on broken skin or you will be cursing like a sailor:) Under the arms (a great natural deodorant), behind the knees, and it’s good to soak your feet in the solution several times a week. 15-20 minutes. Don’t rinse it off. I’ve heard bad stories from people who put it on their scalp so best to avoid that area. Anyway, I know it seems embarrassing but take photos now. And then watch the progress. We love testimonials. Hope this helps. Cheers, Dakota

      1. I only have scalp psoriasis. What stories did you hear? I have already lost 60-70% of my hair.

        Currently, I spray Thayers witch hazel and glyercin and water in scalp every night. It has helped with scaling.

        Can’t afford to loose another hair.


  33. Hi Dakota, not sure if you caught my question on Dec 4th about how to take the fat with the K2. Just wondering if eating a paleo energy ball, containing coconut oil, would be enough fat.

    1. Hi Jan: sorry to be so slow to answer. We made some changes to the website server and I stopped getting e-mails from the site. But Here I am–better late than never. I don’t know how much fat there is in the coconut ball but if it’s about a tsp that should be enough. Even some butter on toast would do (grass fed is the best). Hope this helps. Dakota

  34. How about magnesium L Threonate in capsule form instead of magnesium chloride?
    I found the chloride to burn and…. dosage was difficult to determine.
    Magnesium L Threonate is a new product but very expensive. 60 dollars for 90 capsules at Choices in Vancouver Canada. You can get it on the internet for 1/2 of that.

    Regarding Big Pharma ethics. Google “Peter Gotzsche” and understand how they operate.

    1. I don’t know about that form of magnesium. But I do know that the mag chloride can burn (particularly on broken skin–even a paper cut can feel like torture:) What I also know is that the 50/50 solution (H20 + mag flakes) works and if you’re using too much you’ll get the “runs”. Also, that price is a bit daunting for many. I’ll check out Peter Gotzsche. Thanks for that. And happy new year to you and Linda. Can’t be worse than 2016–ha ha. Hugs, Dak ‘n Lucky

  35. Not quite 30 days in.

    Hi Dakota, I say not quite 30 days in because I ordered my vitamins and mag flakes a few days after signing up and watching your videos.

    I can definitely say good things have happened, but I think I’m still in the very early stages. 6 months might be a better time to talk about, but here’s what’s happened so far:

    – The combination of D3, K2 mk7 and Mag spray seems to stop my psoriasis dead, meaning that it does not break out anywhere and I’m left with the existing patches .

    – Nothing flakes as much as it did either and I’m finding less skin on bedding and furniture.

    – I have very little inflammation, anywhere.

    – My elbows are the place where I have observed clearing. I have a lot more soft skin there than I did and no flaking. My skin is now a very light right by comparison to what it was

    That’s not bad for less than 30 days.

    I’m hopeful, and I’m certainly in a better mood with my skin.

    1. Sorry, Phil, I usually answer right away but I didn’t see you in the comment section (needless to say I’m technology challenged). Anyway, it sounds like things are really working. And in just four weeks. Don’t change what you’re doing. We’ll keep this comment and see where you are in another month or so. After Christmas–which can be challenging both food wise and emotion wise. The mag helps with emotions. It’s calming. And just by virtue of having improvement with your skin, I don’t know about you but I know that I always felt better when my skin was better. And what’s really cool about this protocol is that now, over two years later, I realize that for the first time in 47 years I’m controlling my skin–not the other way round. Keep us informed about your progress. And good luck! Dakota

  36. Hi Dakota and Headless, thank you so much for this amazing website. I’ve had psoriasis since 5years old and am now 56 and starting to experience psoriatic arthritis and inflamed tendons, so will definitely give this a go, even giving up dairy (my favourite food and drink).
    Just one question. Taking the K2 with some form of fat, what is the best way to do this? Not looking forward to swallowing a spoonful of coconut or olive oil. Any suggestions please.
    Cheers, Jan (Adelaide South Australia)

  37. Great job Dakota & Charlie! Completely agree with your final assessment of National Psoriasis Association. This is consistent with just about ALL support groups, including arthritis, diabetes, and especially cancer; an area I work with extensively.
    Most groups are there to support people who wish to stay in the sickness, aka pharmaceutical – medical realm.

    I have worked in the natural health field since late 1980’s and the positive change is still coming from grass roots people like you! If you or any of your readers are looking for proven quality, therapeutic grade supplements, such as the Omega 3s, Zinc, Curcumin with BP, feel free to get in touch: or my website:

    1. Hi Lorene: I’ll check out your website soon. And I’ll leave your web sites for people to peruse. Normally we don’t support any “sales” sites per se, but you sound like you’re on the right track. Cheers, Dakota

          1. I just want to confirm do we have to avoid Calcium too or just dairy? As other sources of food do have calcium in it, like for example if we use Soya Milk as alternative to dairy milk, it does have calcium. Also wholewheat bread have added calcium in it.

            Can you please clear that do we have to eliminate dairy or calcium as well?

          2. Hi Sumera, check out our Facebook page. I wrote about non-dairy beverages fortified with calcium. If you’re not on Facebook you should have gotten some information in our member letter. Simply put, avoid dairy substitutes that are fortified with calcium (some have 46% calcium–which is why, after 2 1/2 years I had a flare). But I dropped the almond milk with fortified calcium and found another one that was low (brand name Pacifica). I went back to high dosage D3 and K2 and the magnesium chloride used topically. It took six weeks but I’m clear again. Now I read all the labels. You can’t avoid all calcium but I believe there’s a tipping point where our body just rebels and sends the excess calcium to our weakest link (in our case, to the skin in the form of psoriasis plaques). Good luck!

  38. Hi Dakota. I have had psorasis all my life on my scalp,and my body since I was 13. I have plaque psorasis to at least 60% of my body. My scalp is clear and has been for 10 yrs. I avoid hairspray and shampoo with citrus. I am going to give this a try. My mom and sister beat there cancer all natural. So I will use that as my inspiration to give up my dairy( I really love milk). They had to give up a lot more. As I am in Canada in the okanagan. Will have some difficulty getting vitamins from the states in the winter . Can I order and have it shipped. Or will I have to go across the border?

    Thank you: Victoria

    1. hi Victoria: I did order the supplements from the States the first time I got them. It’s pricey!! Exchange/brokerage/shipping–more than doubles the price. If you were to make one trip across the border you could load up for the winter. I get mine in Bellingham in the Super Supplement Store. I always call in advance to make sure they put the supplements (particularly the Super K) aside for me. The D3 is easy enough to get. They have lots of varieties at the store. Just make sure it’s a soft gel. Also, I change bottles and put my supplements in old vitamin bottles from Canada. That way I avoid having the supplements confiscated. In Canada we can only get D3 in 1000 iu per soft gel. That’s a pain in the butt if you’re taking 35,000 iu daily. Hope this helps. Dakota

    1. I looked up the meaning of “sacrifice” and found (“to give up something in order to gain something else of value–such as self respect, freedom, etc) so I gave up dairy to have freedom from this nasty bloody disease. And it has paid off.

      Now, having said that, I stayed off dairy for quite a long time (at least 6 months) with only a few mishaps/accidents where I ingested a small amount of dairy. And I now sneak the odd bit but because I’m really clean of dairy it doesn’t seem to do much harm.

      So, look at it as “short term pain for long term pleasure”.

      You can do it if I can!!! I was a great lover of dairy–cheese, yogurt, milk, you name it. I survived and even better I can wear shorts and show off my legs–ha ha

      Hope this helps,


  39. I started the protocol 12 weeks ago. I’ve had psoriasis for about 40 years. At times it’s been worse than others, but the spots that have plagued me for the last few years are going away. I still have a couple of spots on my shin, but the big spots on my elbow and calf are almost gone!

    I tested my vitamin D level about 6 weeks ago when I was taking 20,000 IU daily. Since I’ve been out in the sun quite a bit this summer working in my yard my level was at 115. I’ve cut back to 5,000 IU daily. I may need to take more in the winter.

    Thank you Dakota & Headless for this website and for your work to get the word out. I know it’s working for me!

    I’ve just run out of my K2 so have ordered more.

    1. Wonderful news, Joy! I so much enjoy hearing success stories. I stay at around 10,000 iu daily most of the time now. If I have a slight flare (always slight now) because of cheating with a bit of dairy, I up my D3 for a week or so. That usually does the trick. I met a woman who runs a health food store on Vancouver Island–about a week ago–and she told me she took 50,000 iu daily for a year–with k2, of course, and she suffered no side effects. So, I’m beginning to suspect that the D levels test may not be as important as we think. Anyway, you go girl!!! Enjoy being free from this disease.

      1. Dakota,

        Thanks for the information. I’ve just gotten back from a Hawaiian cruise and had ice cream almost every day. I have a spot on my shin that has gotten bigger since the ice cream splurge, so I’ll have to up my D3 for awhile and see if that helps. I’ve wondered about the D3 levels too. I’ll continue with the increased dosage and not worry about it especially since our weather is changing and I’m not in the sun as much. I’d love to be 100% clear. Right now I’m about 95% clear thanks to the protocol. I’ll have to post some pictures soon.

        Thanks again!!!

  40. Hey there. I read your article in the Common Ground, and checked out your site immediately. I’ve had psoriasis since I was 6 years old, and I’m 32 now. It did spontaneously go into remission in my late teens for a few years, but came back with a vengeance when I got a mystery illness in my early 20’s. I started the protocol a few days ago (I was already off dairy, so that helped) and I think I’m already seeing improvements. The patches are less red and more smooth, so that’s excellent. But here’s my questions, do the Vit. D doses need to be split up? What’s the reasoning behind that? Taking Vit. D at night definitely keeps me awake. Is there any harm in taking it all in the morning, or should I just try to take it a bit earlier, or drop the dosage a bit.

    That brings me to my next question about dosage. If the psoriasis is mild to moderate, should the D dosing start at the lower end ie. 20,000 IU/day? I had my Vit D levels checked a few months ago and they were JUST within normal range, about 2 points over the lower range cutoff. (I know you’re not a doctor, so I don’t expect you to have all the answers, but it’s not a like a doctor would have the answers either!)

    Thank you for sharing this info with the world. I’ve tried so many things over the years, I was subjected to so much poking a prodding as a child, and slathered with disgusting tar creams. It would be really great for others to NOT have to experience things like that.

    1. I split my D3 dosage when I first started the protocol. I never had trouble sleeping when I took it. But I was experimenting with dairy for a couple of months recently and surprise, the spots started coming back so I upped my intake from 10,000 iu daily (my maintenance dosage) to 25,000 iu and I take it all in the morning. I have to admit that I don’t pay a lot of attention to the testing anymore because when I was taking the really high dosage I got tested and it didn’t seem to register badly. And, it’s been almost two years so I think if it was toxic something would have shown up by now. Plus, I’m not really gung-ho on the medical system anymore because they don’t have a clue about natural remedies. Having said that, a woman doctor at the clinic said the dairy was killing us so not all doctors fall under the category of clueless. Anyway I seem to be healthier than ever. My opinion, and it’s only an opinion, is that taking more at the beginning is better, then lowering the dosage after the first 6 weeks or so. Hope this makes sense.

      1. Thanks Dakota 🙂 I switched to taking the full dosage just in the morning for a bit, and then I found a very helpful website that explains the “side effects” of Vitamin D, and why some people experience over-stimulation and heart palpitations. It’s magnesium deficiency!

        When I take my D in the morning, I also apply lots of magnesium. But by the evening, I have probably burned through my magnesium stores, so even with a dosage of 3000 IU, I was still getting heart palpitations. After reading this site, I’ve been making sure to apply magnesium MORE frequently, and especially when I take the evening dosage, and no more over-stimulation and heart palpitations!

  41. Hello all ! My name is danny, and I’m jumping in. 22 years now with Psoriasis. Tried many avenues as I’m sure all of you have too otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Love this site and what they are sharing. Hope it works for me…. I’ll keep you posted.

  42. well at last thank you so mutch im going to give this a go im so fed up with it now all the creams no good and also this stuff my doc says to put on cost 50 dollers dovobet gel it soon runs out so i will go out and get the things you say and start will let you know how it goses thank you o at last i hope this will work i gave up going swimming 4 years ago as my legs are so bad if it goses i can swimm again i only go this 5 years ago i will be 81 this feb it will be nice to enjoy my old age again if this works thanks again alan i live incoqitlam my tel is 6047547151

    1. hope it works for you, Alan. I’m sure enjoying my oldish age (69) and certainly enjoyed going to the pool last winter. Now….do the whole protocol. Don’t eat dairy for about a year. I know that sounds impossible but it makes the difference. You have to work with substitutes. You can find them a lot easier now. Good luck! Dakota

      1. Thanks Dakota. Every bit helps. I have been on the program for about 3 weeks now. But lately having a crazy flare up. All over arms and legs.

        As you can imagine, it’s painful and emotionally debilitating.

        Is this sort of thing common?

        Thanks again.

  43. I just read your article in ‘Common Ground’ magazine. Excellent. And am now on your webpage. Thank-you for sharing your success stories and the protocol you have found works for you.
    I am a sufferer of eczema and am wondering if this protocol might work for eczema as well. I have researched so much on this condition and as yet haven’t found anything that works really well. Have you had anyone share a success story with your protocol for eczema?

    1. Hi Toni, We haven’t heard from anyone so far but you might be the first. This protocol works for other things beside psoriasis. It was a heart and osteoporosis remedy. So, using the protocol, even if it doesn’t work for eczema (although it just might) is a good idea. Let us know if you have success.

      By the way, I did watch a youtube about the five most important supplements/dietary changes for having optimum health. Here they are:

      Vitamin D3
      Vitamin K2
      Magnesium Chloride
      Vitamin C
      Eliminate dairy

      So, aside from the vitamin C, it’s the protocol we’re writing about on this website. Good to know that we’re not alone!!!

      Cheers, Dakota


    Life Extension Super K (soft gel, 200 mcg per pill) 2 x daily (alternative is to eat 50 grams of natto)
    Vitamin D3 (20-30,000 iu daily, split between 2 meals)
    Magnesium Chloride Flakes in a 50/50 solution of flakes and water. Spray or dab on underarms, back of knees, scalp and bottoms of feet. Or on whole body. If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.

    Last line should be noted! …. maybe You missed it.

    Hope you are doing better and have a great day and all that.

  45. I love this site! You two are doing an excellent job of spreading hope to victims of psoriasis. I am starting to clear up after maybe a week of going back on this protocol. I’ve also added zinc supplements after doing some research on d3/k2/mag. Zinc seems to help with those supplements.

  46. Bless you Dakota and Charlie.
    Treating and dealing with psoriasis is a huge pain in the butt.. For you to go through all you’ve gone through and still decide to go to all the work involved to make this amazing information available to others is nothing short of a Godsend. This had to be a ton of work for both of you that you were not obligated to do. You are heros in the psoriasis community. Thank you is not enough. Bless your hearts and I hope you win the lottery!!

  47. Thank You so much for the information.I have had psoriasis for eight years now. Tried just about everything possible and nothing works.Had my fill of doctors, creams and medication that makes you depressed.I use zinc and soak in dead sea salt.I cover my feet and hands every night to sleep.Thank you again

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