My Secret Experiment! (BLOG #26)


Over the past 5 months or so I’ve been privately working with a Canadian man in Saskatchewan with a nasty case of plaque psoriasis.

He used 40,000 iu daily of the D3. And k2mk7. And the magnesium chloride topically. And no dairy. Well, almost no dairy. He had a habit of eating a small container of yogurt several times a week which he decided not to give up. Continue reading “My Secret Experiment! (BLOG #26)”

I want perfection; Charlie, not so much. (BLOG #18)

I called Charlie, in Kansas. We hadn’t spoken for quite some time and I needed a Charlie fix. See, Charlie and I are quite different animals when it  comes to psoriasis (and a number of other things:) Continue reading “I want perfection; Charlie, not so much. (BLOG #18)”

Gratitude Heals the Mind (BLOG #9)

Remember last week’s photo? Dated August 21, 2014? My skin was covered with masses of bright red spots and plaques? Diagnosis=severe psoriasis.

This drawing was made 3 weeks plus 2 days later–using the high dosage D3 and k2mk7. Massive improvement. I had no idea how much my life was about to change…. Continue reading “Gratitude Heals the Mind (BLOG #9)”

Stress & Psoriasis–Meditation (BLOG #5)

It’s almost impossible to live  in this world and not suffer from some degree of stress. But if you add psoriasis to the mix, stress can get out of control.

My experience in the past was to always have a low level of  stress running around inside my head–mostly based on the fear that my skin was going to get worse (which it regularly did). And when it got worse my stress shot through the roof.  Continue reading “Stress & Psoriasis–Meditation (BLOG #5)”

An Exciting Week! (BLOG #4)

My apologies for being a bit late with the Blog this week but I was locked out of Microsoft Word (where my book resides) so I couldn’t record the audio. This happened because I finally took the plunge and got a new (for me) I-Mac computer. It’s actually previously owned but sweet it is. And boy is it  F-A-S-T!!!! Yikes.

I’ve been noticing how many people, with psoriasis, Continue reading “An Exciting Week! (BLOG #4)”

Fear and Magic Blue Tea (BLOG #2)

Here’e the thing about fear…it can use up a lot of time. Waste it. That’s what has been happening this week.

Let me start again. I’ve been watching my fear this week. No, it’s not about the coming year, getting older, financial insecurity, political confusion, et cetera–the usual suspects. It’s about needing to learn something new in an area that leaves me mystified at best.

Continue reading “Fear and Magic Blue Tea (BLOG #2)”


P1020154I’ve often wondered what it must feel like to be released from prison after decades of incarceration. What happens after the first flush of joy? Of freedom? What unexpected pluses or minuses are there?

Because that’s been my experience over the past, well, close to two years psoriasis free (after 47 years of having a combination of plaque and guttate psoriasis). I don’t know why I was set free from this disease. I didn’t expect to be.

I thought I’d have it until the day I died. I’d long ago given up hope.

And in the back of my mind, there was always that niggling fear that the psoriasis would return with the vengeance it had shown in my late twenties when I was hospitalized. Then it did.

So, what does it feel like?

When the plaques first started to vanish Continue reading “RELEASED FROM PRISON after 47 years”

Pirates, Psoriasis and Magnesium Chloride (not for the feint of heart:)

Here’s a bit of brutal history. Back in the days of pirates (not the modern-day kind found on Wall Street) there was a nasty form of punishment which involved lashes with the cat of nine tails–a whip made from rope with nine ends that caused multiple lacerations. To top up the pain, a bucket of sea water was thrown on the open wounds of the poor devil who was getting lashed.

How the heck does this apply to psoriasis? Or to our protocol? Well, this is it in a nutshell. If you have psoriasis, you Continue reading “Pirates, Psoriasis and Magnesium Chloride (not for the feint of heart:)”

Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleu

Sometimes just taking a risk is worth it!

I was feeling a bit blue the other night and wondering how to get this information about our protocol out to more people. Maybe it was the “blues” that made me remember one of our heroes in this fight against psoriasis–Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleu, a Canadian naturopath who has been promoting the use of the vitamins K2 and D3 (for osteoporosis).

We had often Continue reading “Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleu”