HELP! (BLOG #12)

2014 was the first time my dog, Lucky, saved my life. I was almost ready to give up. My skin was worse than it had ever been and the itching was driving me mad. Suicide was looking like an attractive option.

Until I thought about Lucky. What would happen to her? She’s a Brussels Griffon—know as Velcro dogs—they never want to leave your side. And she hadn’t. She’d lain on the couch with me (my body covered with spots and plaques) and never turned away. What would my sudden disappearance do to her?

I’d read a few heartbreak stories about dogs that sat at the end of the driveway, every day, waiting for their deceased owner to come back to them. Could I do that to Lucky? No. I knew I had to find a solution.

That’s when I found Bethany’s post about high dosage D3 and K2mk7. And, as they say, the rest is history.

The first picture was drawn specifically for my dermatologist. Not because I had any idea that I was going to have a website and FB page for psoriasis. That was the farthest thing from my mind.

If I had known, I’d have taken photos. But hindsight is 20/20 vision. When I look at those drawings I still find it hard to believe that my skin looked like that. The mind has an interesting way of deleting trauma.

The second picture was 3 weeks and 2 days later. Notice the difference in my expression? I’ve drawn half a smile on my face. Probably the first in months—months that felt like years.

The third picture was drawn at 5 weeks. That’s when I paid the second visit to my dermatologist. His jaw dropped. He gave me ten minutes out of his busy schedule to tell him what I’d done to get such an amazing result. He only interrupted to say “wow”!

By the end of week 6 there was nothing to draw. There were no spots left. I lost a whole summer holed up in my apartment. But I’d gained a remedy that worked—at least for me.

I posted on the discussion group for psoriasis—the title “…and his jaw dropped”. Others tried the protocol. And I did more research. About dairy. And the calcium connection. Then Charlie arrived with the magnesium chloride part of the protocol. The testimonials started coming in. Other people were getting results.

Not everyone was happy. There were Trolls. But some clouds do have a silver lining. The Trolls made me angry. And they made me realize that we needed our own website.

That’s when Mike stepped up to the plate. He didn’t have psoriasis. But he knew how to set up websites. He knew we wanted to help others with this disease. And that we had no money to pay him. He created FreedomFromPsoriasis for free.  

And all I can say is “thank God” because I’m the least techie human in the known Universe. Everything about the Internet scared me. Asking me to post a link was like asking me to jump out of a plane without a parachute.

But Mike dragged me kicking and screaming into the cyber world. That took patience. I resisted every new step. I still do. My shoulder tense up every week when I create a post. I’m always waiting for something to f—k up.

Mike has been helping us for almost four years now. I know for a fact that he’s put some of his own money into this venture. He won’t admit it. But I know he has. And he’s put up with the frustration of using free services. And teaching me.

So, I’m going to ask you for some help. A month ago, MelJohn, a psoriasis sufferer from Saudi Arabia tried to send us a donation. He wrote us twice because he couldn’t get the donation to us through our website.

It turns out that the donation button hadn’t been working for almost 2 years. That was a choke! Mike fixed it and MelJohn sent us $150 US dollars.—bless his heart.

But we’re flying on no fuel. I’m asking you, if you’ve gotten some relief from this protocol, or you just want to help us out, to send us a donation. It’s hard to ask. I understand we all have money stress. As you know, we don’t sell anything so we don’t create any income.

And to sweeten the pot I’m going to send a copy of my new book (an e-mail version, new title “Make Your Bed”), to anyone who donates over 50 dollars.

It’s the story of a psychiatrist (who has psoriasis) and who reincarnates as a dog. It’s a spiritual/mental/physical survival kit taught by three dogs and a cat. Sounds goofy? It’s not! It has the full protocol, tips, encouragement, humor, and more. I think you’ll like it.

The Donation button is on the right of this blog.

I’m thanking you in advance for your support. I want to continue to help people with psoriasis. Nothing makes my day better than to get an e-mail or post from someone who has been helped by this protocol. And I want to have some funds for Mike to keep up his invaluable assistance.

On Friday, March 22, I will be celebrating my 72ndbirthday. And 4 ½ years psoriasis free after 47 years of having this disease.

Much love and have a creative week,

Dakota, Lucky and Charlie


Author: dakota

I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. I share my apartment with a little Brussels Griffon called Lucky. I like to read and watch movies and draw cartoons and write. I'm also a published author and painter. Mostly I like to putter. And fix things. And think.

4 thoughts on “HELP! (BLOG #12)”

  1. Hi Dakota, thanks for sharing this, I started the protocol couple of days ago, I got 2 questions if you could please help me with them-

    1) I don’t have P on scalp, should I still put MgCl2 on scalp too?
    2) I play tennis 5 days a week in morning and I am exposed to sun for at least 1 hour daily, I have started with vitamin B3 at 30,000 iu, I hope it’s perfectly fine. Please share your thoughts.

    Thanks once again.

    1. 1. no, don’t put the mag chloride on your scalp.
      2. I can’t give advice re: dosage (I could be sued). I’m assuming when you write “B3” you mean “D3”. Be sure it’s a soft gel. I’ve been using the protocol for almost five years. I stayed on the high dosage for almost two months with no negative side effects. I met a woman who runs a health food store on Vancouver Island and she had taken 50,000 daily for a year. I thought that was a bit extreme but she looked good to me:) Dr. Coimbra in Brazil gives his patients 1000 iu per kilo (2.2 lbs) of body weight. He advises drinking 2.5 litres of water daily while on high dosage. Hope this helps. Dakota

  2. I have palmo-plantar P with it spreading to my elbows, knees and my inner thighs. Ive noticed that my nails now hurt and I will be loosing a big toenail and possibly the other one as well. It is difficult to do anything “normal” like work and maintain my house as well as relationships since I was diagnosed 🙁

    I had resigned myself to trying methotrexate since the affected areas have been extremely painful but am hopeful with this protocol now. Like all of you I have spent $$$$ on all creams, potions and lotions as well as prescriptions. I have just one question….Can I take the D3 and K2mk7 at the same times? (breakfest and dinner) and how much of mag. spray do I use? Technically thats two questions lol.

    Positive thoughts and love to all who suffer with Psoriasis and especially Charlie and Dakota.

    Susan from Canada

    1. Susan: I’ve been on a break from social media and such so sorry to be so slow. Yes, you can take the k2 mk7 and D3 at the same time. When at high dosage I split the doses between breakfast and dinner. As for the mag spray, I just spray it on most of my body and leave it on. It’s just salt. Hope this helps. Dakota

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