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“Something That Really Works!!!”


CHARLIE: (aliases: thepain or Headless) is a “farmer” who lives on 10 acres of land somewhere in Kansas, USA. He spends most of his time working on his pond, which he has stocked with catfish (and which he plans to eat when they get big enough). He shares his home with his cat (named Kitty). He likes to shoot, drink beer, and drive around the pond in his new Kawasaki 4×4 Mule. He has suffered from both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis since his early twenties (he’s now in his 50’s). He’s a funny guy.

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DAKOTA: (alias dakota23) is a retired teacher who likes to write and paint. She lives in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver, Canada. She shares her apartment with her little Brussels Griffon dog whose name is Lucky. She likes to putter, walk the dog, garden, fix things, putter some more, read, write, and then putter. She has also had psoriasis since her early twenties (she’s now in her late 60’s). She likes to laugh.

CLICK HERE to go to Dakota’s story in more detail

Read our personal psoriasis stories and watch our videos introducing ourselves and discussing our journey CLICK HERE to Meet Dakota and Charlies


Our mission is to create an inspiring, supportive and downright fun web-site that helps people suffering from psoriasis to effectively and cheaply maintain healthy, plaque-free skin.


“Sometimes a handful of luck is better than a sack full of wisdom.”

It would be great to say that we figured this all out after decades of research spent bent over a microscope, but that would be a lie. Both Charlie and myself just got lucky. Lucky to have our skin clear after decades of suffering. Lucky to be able to wear shorts again. And lucky to be able to pass on something that really works to you.


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