The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!

So, I’ve been arguing with Charlie for months about moisturizing. And because he’s a guy guy, he avoids it like the plague. I figure he’s just stubborn but he says he’s just logical.

Anyway, after cheating a bit over the Thanksgiving season, I knew I was in for a few spots (just as punishment for sneaking that whipped cream on the pumpkin pie–a perfect example of short term pleasure/long term pain. At least I thought those spots were going to last for a while.

But for some reason I decided to follow Charlie’s example and put the magnesium chloride solution in the usual places (under arms, etc.) but also on the actual spots. And NO moisturizer. It seems to be working.

I guess Charlie’s right. Don’tcha hate when that happens:)

Author: dakota

I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. I share my apartment with a little Brussels Griffon called Lucky. I like to read and watch movies and draw cartoons and write. I'm also a published author and painter. Mostly I like to putter. And fix things. And think.

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