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Dakota and Charlie ask you to share your experience with us and share this website with others who may be desperate to find relief from psoriasis. Help, spread the word that there is freedom from psoriasis…

If you have received benefit from the protocol please leave us a testimonial and consider making a donation to help keep this website online. Consider all the expensive treatments you will no longer have to pay for and the joy of clearer skin!

PLEASE, Spread the word, leave us a testimonial of your experience and consider making a donation if you have had benefit with the protocol.

Listen in as Dakota and Charlie chat about inviting you to make a donationand  answer common questions: What’s the catch? Is it really free? What are you going to sell me on? Why do you have a membership?

ANSWERS: No Catch. Yes we give you the protocol for free and tips on how to use it successfully. We sell nothing. we give additional material and website access to members, which is free, to try and build a community of people who have used and had results with the protocol.

We give you free information on how to become free of psoriasis – results often in weeks – nothing for sale just free info from ex-psoriasis sufferers.

Click the Donate Button to DONATE via Credit Card or PayPal Account.Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Donate”

    1. Wow! We are so grateful to Susie–our very first donator to the Freedom From Psoriasis website. It felt like a sign that we were on the right path. I’ll make sure that Charlie doesn’t spend it all on beer!! Ha! And he’ll make sure I don’t spend it on a bikini. But, seriously, Susie–you rock!! Love from Dakota and Headless

  1. Seeing progress and would like to support you. This is the first time I can’t figure out how to spend money. Love to donate but don’t know who to Paypal the $$ to. What am I missing? Love you guys. Thanks for everything. S

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