Stress & Psoriasis–Meditation (BLOG #5)

It’s almost impossible to live  in this world and not suffer from some degree of stress. But if you add psoriasis to the mix, stress can get out of control.

My experience in the past was to always have a low level of  stress running around inside my head–mostly based on the fear that my skin was going to get worse (which it regularly did). And when it got worse my stress shot through the roof. 

I’d like to be able to say that I jumped at the chance to meditate, but unfortunately I did not. I knew it would help but when stress got hold  of me, meditation was the last thing that came  to mind.

And so one of the Spiritual Guide Dogs, Alphonse, teaches a simple meditation practice (in this week’s audio reading) that anyone can do. Partly because it’s simple and has no expectations of the “meditator” doing any more than they feel absolutely comfortable with.

And partly because it can be done anywhere–for any length of time. You won’t need a guru. Sitting cross-legged is not mandatory. Dogs keep things simple. 

And I think I told you about a book I received as a gift for Christmas from my friend, Daniela. Each day I read the quotation for the day. This one is one of my favourites:

“In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds.”

And speaking of transience, I saw this lovely family of snowdrops on my walk with Lucky this afternoon. They are one of the earliest messages that Spring is on it’s way. Very early this year. We’ve been blessed with a gentle winter– plenty of days without rain.

Ok, take a few minutes to shut the world out and listen to this weeks audio:

Once again, have a creative week!

Much love from Dakota and her little dog, Lucky



Author: dakota

I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. I share my apartment with a little Brussels Griffon called Lucky. I like to read and watch movies and draw cartoons and write. I'm also a published author and painter. Mostly I like to putter. And fix things. And think.

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