The Joys of Swimming–Minus the Stares!!!

If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be swimming in a public pool, in a bathing suit, I’d have told them they were nuts….BUT…it’s happening. Every Monday and Wednesday from 1:15 onward, it’s only $2.20 to use the Olympic complex next to the Nat Bailey Stadium.

The first time I walked in I was sure people were going to stare at my legs–legs that never saw the light of day for decades. It felt weird. And I felt awkward.

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Psoriasis-free…..Part 3

Nope! things just got worse. The next letter threatened not only would we be hit with legal action BUT they would remove everything that I had ever written on the Team Inspire site. Now, for me personally, that wouldn’t have been the end of the world. After all, my skin was already clear.

But all the people who had been helped and all those who would come afterwards would not be able to see the protocol or Continue reading “Psoriasis-free…..Part 3”


If someone had told me just over a year ago that I wouldn’t have psoriasis or that I’d be swimming in a public pool  or that I’d be part of a team running a website about psoriasis, I’d have told them that they were just plain crazy.

But here it is–my first anniversary psoriasis-free. It has been a steep learning curve to be sure. With many positive experiences. I got Continue reading “1 YEAR WITHOUT PSORIASIS”

Psoriasis-free…..Part 2

Nope, not everyone was happy. As a matter of fact there appeared to be some pretty angry people on the site who didn’t like what we were doing and certainly didn’t like the good results we were getting.. They posted scare tactics (particularly about the high dosage D3)–about the negative side effects. And they were relentless.

Our thread was constantly under attack–warning letters, threats of suspension, posts deleted. When Charlie was given a two week Continue reading “Psoriasis-free…..Part 2”