Watch the Video Live Chats With Dakota and Charlie

Watch the archived live video chats.

Attendees asked questions, via chat text, or unmuted their microphone. Log in to your free member account to listen to Charlie and Dakota discuss their psoriasis journeys, stories and members who joined in with updates and whatever else.

Charlie and Dakota had Friday night skype chats with each other about psoriasis since they met online to share their knowledge and develop the protocol they offer you and everyone for free…

You can view the recorded members webinars Continue reading “Watch the Video Live Chats With Dakota and Charlie”



For those of you either thinking of OR having used the Magnesium on your head–DON’T!!! And also try to avoid putting it directly on your Active Psoriasis.

Please observe the same rules you would if you were going to take a dip in the Dead Sea.

No Splashing, never submerge your head, and avoid Continue reading “Magnesium”

Radio Interview about Psoriasis

The good news about radio is that no one can see you–which was to my advantage as I was still in my jammies. The interview was for a program called “Just For the Health of It”, CHML, out of Hamilton, Ontario. It aired live at 8 a.m. EST, which meant 5 in the morning for me (yawn!!!) Still uncertain what I actually said but hoping the station will send us an audio link so we can share it with you, here, on the website.

It has been really great to have hooked up (in the older sense of the expression:) with Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, the Naturopath who knows more about K2 and D3 than just about anyone in the known universe. And she is generous with her time–sharing the wonders of these supplements through her book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox”, as well as videos on Youtube and other media.

After our segment was finished I kept listening to the program and Dr. Rheaume talked about another supplement that caught my interest. It’s called herring-gold and is actually herring roe in supplement form. I’ll do some research on it. Who knows? This four-part protocol mostly came together as a result of ridiculous good luck. And we’re always open to new things that might help in our fight against psoriasis.

When the show ended at 6 a.m. I was too revved to sleep so I pulled out my bottle of Telamore Dew Irish Whiskey, had a wee dram, fell back into my bed and didn’t wake up until 9.

AHHHHH Relief!

I like to Stir things up a bit…….I am not at all like DAK……I am Blunt! Rude! and fairly obnoxious! I don’t care to hear Your Sob stories of Psoriasis! …..I just want You to try this  and prove this Grumpy old Fuck Wrong!……..I was not looking for a Cure or a Treatment  when all this happened ….. it just happened……I Continue reading “AHHHHH Relief!”

The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!

So, I’ve been arguing with Charlie for months about moisturizing. And because he’s a guy guy, he avoids it like the plague. I figure he’s just stubborn but he says he’s just logical.

Anyway, after cheating a bit Continue reading “The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!”

CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…feeling grateful:)

Ah, it’s turkey time in the more northern part of North America. As I was telling Charlie, we here in Canada have the good sense to keep Thanksgiving far enough away from Christmas    so that we really enjoy both turkey dinners!

But even more important, this weekend gives me time to Continue reading “CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…feeling grateful:)”

Psoriasis-free…..Part 3

Nope! things just got worse. The next letter threatened not only would we be hit with legal action BUT they would remove everything that I had ever written on the Team Inspire site. Now, for me personally, that wouldn’t have been the end of the world. After all, my skin was already clear.

But all the people who had been helped and all those who would come afterwards would not be able to see the protocol or Continue reading “Psoriasis-free…..Part 3”


If someone had told me just over a year ago that I wouldn’t have psoriasis or that I’d be swimming in a public pool  or that I’d be part of a team running a website about psoriasis, I’d have told them that they were just plain crazy.

But here it is–my first anniversary psoriasis-free. It has been a steep learning curve to be sure. With many positive experiences. I got Continue reading “1 YEAR WITHOUT PSORIASIS”

Psoriasis-free…..Part 2

Nope, not everyone was happy. As a matter of fact there appeared to be some pretty angry people on the site who didn’t like what we were doing and certainly didn’t like the good results we were getting.. They posted scare tactics (particularly about the high dosage D3)–about the negative side effects. And they were relentless.

Our thread was constantly under attack–warning letters, threats of suspension, posts deleted. When Charlie was given a two week Continue reading “Psoriasis-free…..Part 2”

Coming Up For My First Year Psoriasis-Free!!!

Wow! Talk about a year!!! Not sure I’d like to repeat all of it–ha! A steep learning curve in some areas. But I have to remind myself that throughout it all–the stress, the changes, the challenges–my skin held. I can’t remember another year in the past 47 when I wasn’t battling psoriasis on some level.

And so much happened. There I was just over a year ago–90% of my body covered with a combination of plaque and Guttate psoriasis. Continue reading “Coming Up For My First Year Psoriasis-Free!!!”