Watch the Video Live Chats With Dakota and Charlie

Watch the archived live video chats.

Attendees asked questions, via chat text, or unmuted their microphone. Log in to your free member account to listen to Charlie and Dakota discuss their psoriasis journeys, stories and members who joined in with updates and whatever else.

Charlie and Dakota had Friday night skype chats with each other about psoriasis since they met online to share their knowledge and develop the protocol they offer you and everyone for free…

You can view the recorded members webinars here on the Blog if you are a Member and signed in to your account:

Watch the archived LIVE Chats with Dakota + Charlie

Discussion about the 4 step protocol we offer for free and anything else about the process of becoming free from psoriasis. It’s free to join us and nothing is for sale!

We are here to help…who said nothing in life was free? Let’s get free from psoriasis together. Is that enough free?

Watch the archived LIVE Chats with Dakota + Charlie

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