For those of you either thinking of OR having used the Magnesium on your head–DON’T!!! And also try to avoid putting it directly on your Active Psoriasis.

Please observe the same rules you would if you were going to take a dip in the Dead Sea.

No Splashing, never submerge your head, and avoid getting into eyes! …. some of the other advice is to waterproof wrap any open sores.

I speak about this from experience. When I first started using mag, I put it all over my body, and yes it worked–but with much suffering from “the burnt” on most affected areas. Since then I have learned that it is not the coverage that is so important BUT rather the frequency of application.
More frequent use will make the most progress at getting your Mag levels back to normal. And Yes, I too had it all over my scalp, but thankfully never applied it there yet I still got total clearing of my scalp.

Now, when speaking of normal, we have to realize that as psoriasis sufferers we are not normal. We have a disease that strains not just our psychological self, but also physical and biometrics. In other words we don’t properly assimilate vitamins/minerals that can help us combat this dreadful curse.

Please remember alcohol, smoking, sugar, pharmaceutical and other drugs (all of which I am guilty of using)  deplete our levels of Magnesium. We are lucky to have any magnesium in our reserves at all to do a half way decent job at regulating all the things that it is responsible for.

Please Please! read the article in this link, then maybe You will have a better understanding of the Importance of Magnesium in our diet–unfortunately the place where we can no long count on getting enough.

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  2. Hi Dakota & Charlie, fantastic work. Been using your protocol for 2 months now and seen improvement. Redness still there, but flaking has reduced considerably.
    My question was on the significant itching after spraying on MgCl. I can deal with the pain, which only goes for an hour after, but the itch seems to last for 2-3 days after. I admit, I have given into the odd good scratch which hasn’t worsened things (thank goodness), but am wondering if this is normal after applying the MgCl spray? I notice when I don’t spray it, the itching goes away after a day. Just wondering if this is normal and has anyone else had the experience of itching post-MgCl application too?

    1. Normal for me, You can wash it off after 20 min or so, or just do what I do …… Mind over matter ,and a few slaps and itches here and there.
      beats picking at the scabs I use to have. Moisturising helps some also, Salt is drying and no matter what, it will lead to some itching, but it seems to lesson
      as time goes, nothing to be concerned about though.

      be sure to Share Your questions on the Webinar and get live responses, hope to see you there.

  3. 1. Magnesium mixture process.
    – I understand one level cup of magnesium flakes into one cup of boiling water.
    2. Magnesium application quantity (spray bottle). How much and how often should the magnesium be applied to get reults? 1 or 2 sprays each session, or 10-20 sprays on arms, legs, arm pits each session? How many (sessions) per day, once, twice, five times?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi James: I don’t bother with boiling water myself–just mix the cup of mag flakes with a cup of water. I also don’t spray it as I don’t want my dog getting it on her feet and by spraying, it lands on the floor. I just put some in the palm of my hand and rub my hands together and put it under arms, behind knees, etc. At present I’m putting it all over my upper body to keep the mosquitoes away when I’m sleeping. Seems to work. And my skin has never been better in spite of a few “sinful” ice cream cones:)

      1. Thank you for all you have done! I have a quick question. How often per day do you apply the magnesium solution? I was doing it just once a day, but am getting the feeling that that is incorrect. Should I be doing it several times throughout the day? Again, thank you so much for all you have done for everyone.

        1. Two or three times a day is even better. I usually apply in the morning and at night before sleeping (keeps the mosquitoes away:) You know when you are using too much when you get the “dire rear”–ha ha! Hope this helps,


  4. I’ve been on the protocol for one month today and prior to this have been working on improved diet for some time with organics, paleo and generally everything to help make the body function better. At this point I’ve not seen any change but as I’ve had psoriasis for approximately 30 years one month is not enough to discourage me. Giving up the diary was no issue. I’m currently taking 30,000 of Vit. D3, 400 of Vit.K2. It’s good to revisit the protocol as I’ve not been as diligent with the magnesium as I should…using it just once a day.

    1. You may need to give it a bit more time, David. You seem to be doing all the right things–other than maybe you could increase the number of times daily that you use the magnesium chloride (topically). I got results almost immediately but Charlie took longer. Everyone’s different. Don’t give up. Best of luck! Dakota

  5. Is it realy possible to remove calcification in soft tissue? So if someone with a calcified hearth or vains can actualy benefit from this protocol to?

    1. Yes! As a matter of fact the use of vitamins D3 and K2 plus magnesium chloride (and drop the dairy) were originally used for heart disease (removing calcium from the arteries) and osteoporosis. The D3 moves the excess calcium from areas where it shouldn’t be (the veins, psoriasis plaques, etc) and the K2 moves the calcium to the bones and teeth–where it should be. I watched a video recently that talked about the 4 most important things to do for optimum health and guess what? It was basically our protocol. D3 K2 Magnesium and elimination of dairy

      Hope this helps. Dakota

      1. yes! thank you very much! have been usng the protocol for well over a week, and i start to the the few spots i have fading..! and these spots have been the same for over a year. But i also tend to still get much spasm, i breast much and legs. but why will i still get spasms if i use magnesium?

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