AHHHHH Relief!

I like to Stir things up a bit…….I am not at all like DAK……I am Blunt! Rude! and fairly obnoxious! I don’t care to hear Your Sob stories of Psoriasis! …..I just want You to try this  and prove this Grumpy old Fuck Wrong!……..I was not looking for a Cure or a Treatment  when all this happened ….. it just happened……I Continue reading “AHHHHH Relief!”

CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…feeling grateful:)

Ah, it’s turkey time in the more northern part of North America. As I was telling Charlie, we here in Canada have the good sense to keep Thanksgiving far enough away from Christmas    so that we really enjoy both turkey dinners!

But even more important, this weekend gives me time to Continue reading “CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…feeling grateful:)”

Anger & Psoriasis…a love story?

I felt like moving away from the protocol–in the sense of looking at how an emotion might affect this disease called psoriasis. And I remembered three different parts of books that have the possibility of hooking together.

One was from a book of Chinese medicine or healing that spoke of the liver as  being the seat of anger. Another was one of those you-can-cure-your-psoriasis books that we all fall for at least once–but that did have two good suggestions. Continue reading “Anger & Psoriasis…a love story?”