No Psoriasis…but I forgot to have fun!!!

Ok, this has been one stressful year. Starting back last summer when I was covered with psoriasis. Then having a remission that was so fast that it put my body and mind into shock. Then learning how to host a thread on the NPF. Then dodging and diving the trolls. I actually found myself reading “The Art of War”in an attempt to keep my head together. Then finding that we were being shot down by the very people who we thought wanted to help people get rid of their psoriasis. Shock and disbelief!!!

Then deciding “to hell with them” we’ll Continue reading “No Psoriasis…but I forgot to have fun!!!”


Well, as you may already know, we are lucky to have guinea pigs to experiment on. That would be OURSELVES:) So, I read something about there being two kinds of milk. Most of North America use one kind and Australia (and some Asian countries) use the other. Supposedly, the kind used in Australia is less disruptive to the immune system.

The only milk in North America that falls into the ok category happens to come from Continue reading “TAKING A RISK WITH DAIRY”



Remember to stay Well hydrated, drink lots of water. It kind of goes without saying, but to many of us are so concentrated on our Psoriasis that we overlook the importance of staying well hydrated, it will really help and its so easy that it is overlooked! ….Do it!

Here is a good link on Hydration I find very informative.


Bitch Bitch and Grumble!

Come on in and Bitch …. I am going to!

We started a Web site to help people Honestly (Not for money) and what happens!, the Ass  holes who pretended to be helpful to psoriasis sufferers decides to give us shit! (Why) ?

because it works! without putting Money into the Big Company’s Pockets! What a crying shame, that there are so many companies ready to make a buck off of other people’s miseries.  As Gomer Pile would say ……. Shame Shame Shame.

Magnesium Chloride: Part of the reason for lower incidence of psoriasis in Asians?

Perhaps a better title for this blog is “a handful of luck is better than a truckload of wisdom”!!!

Here’s a little background information. Incidence of psoriasis in North America and Europe is around 3-5 people per 100. In Asian countries it’s around 1-2 per thousand. Now, that’s a pretty hefty difference. My first theory Continue reading “Magnesium Chloride: Part of the reason for lower incidence of psoriasis in Asians?”

Dakota (who is not very techie) tries to do her first blog entry!

O.k. here goes! When it comes to doing anything new on the computer I feel like the person standing in front of a firing squad, smoking their last cigarette.

So, welcome to our new, fancy website which would never have been created without our web designer Michael who, bless his heart, did the whole thing for FREE because he recognized the powerful need for this information to get to people suffering from psoriasis! And what a fine job he has done!

I like the counter on the home page which tells, right down to the minute, how long I’ve been psoriasis free. And even though it has been 10 months, I still can’t quite get used to the concept. 47 years (which is at least two life sentences) is a long time and psoriasis had become what I believed to be a permanent part of my existence. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of waking up in the morning and not having the first thing I do is look at my skin and feel my heart sink. Now I just look at my little dog, Lucky, and smile.

And that’s what we’re hoping will happen for all of you who try this protocol (and stick with it). We’ve heard from a lot of people whose lives have been changed–becoming warriors rather than worriers (ha ha Charlie!)

Anyway, we’re sure glad you’re here. Remember to take a few before “selfies” (which I didn’t do because I don’t even have a cell phone and was too embarrassed to have anyone else photograph me when my skin was at its worst). At least I did some sketches to take to my dermatologist (the paper trail). He sure was surprised to see my skin clear six weeks after recommending Methotrexate.

So, we’re up and running (with a few challenges here and there) but we’ll get through them and do our best to support you through what I believe is a game-changer in the world of psoriasis remedies. Keep the faith.

Dakota and Lucky

General Discussion

FFP-cartoonDak and Charlie

General Discussion about our Journey to Freedom. 

Wow the site has hardly started and already it has Bunches of members, !!WhoooooHooooo!!

I hope everyone here gets the benefits of this protocol, even if some (myself included) have a hard time staying away from Dairy, just keep plunging away it, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something that helps people so much.

Thank You, to all of You who support this treatment (by seriously following the protocol steps) and offer Your testimonials and pictures of Your progress, to help others also gain insight into something that really works!.

You are all warriors in a battle, and together we can make a difference by supporting each other in our quest for Freedom.

Yea Baby !!! Yea Baby !!! ……Cheers to all as I slam down another Beer in celebration!

And have a Great day and all that.