Alive ….I think!

Hey All!

Sorry I have not been very active (here) …on my end it has been non-stop!… Lightning which I truly love to watch, took its toll on me lately, Fried many things, that have screwed me big time. (3 rd time), If there is a Dark cloud to be seen ….its usually over me…..Really! ….anyway I will resume my self…..slow or fast I don’t know…..I always wonder WHY ? …fried my Router so I had no internet for a while, I got that back at least….so I can see the next storm approaching and be able to wait for the outcome.

Whew I love mother nature….. but she sure is hard to deal with sometimes. To all that have E-mailed me… sorry I lost most of it. I like most, get to experience many things that are an add on to the benefit of the Psoriasis. (STRESS !!!)

To me ……its one of those things we all deal with ….but sometimes (Most times) More is not better! …trying to refrain ones self from over reacting under Stress, is like saying (don’t move if a Bear is coming at you. (Yea #ucking Right!) anyway I am drawing on my reserves right now to keep motivated, I need a few good stories to read! (Anyone ?) ……well I am still alive….no new Psoriasis with all this Shit!…..just need to work through the rough spots….. like we all don’t deal with that.

Like Red Green would say (keep Your Stick on the Ice, and we are all in this Together) (I love that!).

And have a great day-night and all that.

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