It Came BACK… why and what I did about it…

I hope that you will take the time to read this VERY IMPORTANT LETTER. It holds information both physical and emotional (spiritual?)—about the battle I’ve been going through the past two months.

As you know, I fell off the wagon during the celebration of my 70th birthday—eating dairy, drinking too much alcohol—basically telling myself my skin was doing great—why not have a good time?—psoriasis be damned.

Well, the price was higher than I thought it was going to be.

By early April I noticed that some spots were appearing—especially on Continue reading “It Came BACK… why and what I did about it…”

Alive ….I think!

Hey All!

Sorry I have not been very active (here) …on my end it has been non-stop!… Lightning which I truly love to watch, took its toll on me lately, Fried many things, that have screwed me big time. (3 rd time), If there is a Dark cloud to be seen ….its usually over me…..Really! ….anyway I will resume my self…..slow or fast I don’t know…..I always wonder WHY ? …fried my Router so I had no internet for a while, I got that back at least….so I can see the next storm approaching and be able to wait for the outcome.

Whew I love mother nature….. but she sure is hard to deal with sometimes. To all that have E-mailed me… sorry I lost most of it. I like most, get to experience many things that are an add on to the benefit of the Psoriasis. (STRESS !!!) Continue reading “Alive ….I think!”

General Discussion

FFP-cartoonDak and Charlie

General Discussion about our Journey to Freedom. 

Wow the site has hardly started and already it has Bunches of members, !!WhoooooHooooo!!

I hope everyone here gets the benefits of this protocol, even if some (myself included) have a hard time staying away from Dairy, just keep plunging away it, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something that helps people so much.

Thank You, to all of You who support this treatment (by seriously following the protocol steps) and offer Your testimonials and pictures of Your progress, to help others also gain insight into something that really works!.

You are all warriors in a battle, and together we can make a difference by supporting each other in our quest for Freedom.

Yea Baby !!! Yea Baby !!! ……Cheers to all as I slam down another Beer in celebration!

And have a Great day and all that.

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