Magnesium Chloride: Part of the reason for lower incidence of psoriasis in Asians?

Perhaps a better title for this blog is “a handful of luck is better than a truckload of wisdom”!!!

Here’s a little background information. Incidence of psoriasis in North America and Europe is around 3-5 people per 100. In Asian countries it’s around 1-2 per thousand. Now, that’s a pretty hefty difference. My first theory (and having read Greg’s e-mail I’m even more convinced) was that the issue was dairy.

But here’s where “luck” came in. I was picking up my natto (high in K2 mk7) the other day at my favorite Japanese food store, “Fujiya”, in Vancouver. There’s always a table near the till with things that are on sale. I saw this fairly small container (300ml, which is about 1 1/2 cups) marked down from $10 to $5. I figured it must be some cosmetic/hair product with the price being that high. So, I looked at the very small label that said that it was………..


All the rest was in Japanese. So, I took it to one of my favorite clerks at the store and asked her if she would translate how to use it. She said you just put 5 ml into a cup of water and drank it. I bought it, more out of curiosity than anything.

When I got home, I searched magnesium chloride/japanese on my favorite friend, Google. Sure enough there it was–called “nigari” and used as a health drink. AND it is also used to make tofu–which is eaten extensively in most Asian countries. So, Asian people have known this little “secret” for what a appears to be a long time.

We, in North America, are critically lacking magnesium in our diet–estimates as high as 70% of the population being deficient. So, Asian people are naturally using at least two parts of our protocol (magnesium chloride and minimal dairy). The Japanese are actually using three parts of the protocol because they eat natto, which is the highest food source of vitamin k2mk7.

So, there you have it! Dumb luck strikes again!!!



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