FP: best Vitamin D information for Covid/psoriasis

Hello everyone:

It has been a long time since I sent you a message. As you well know we have all been experiencing a new reality which has been very challenging.

But during this time I came across a very important video about vitamin D and it’s implications re: Covid 19. It also has pertinent information about toxicity of high dose D3 (which gave me a real sense  of relief as,  based on large studies, there seems to be little danger of overdosing on this vitamin (which is actually a hormone).

To catch you up on my personal life with/without psoriasis, I am now over 6 years virtually free from psoriasis. Yes, I get the odd spot but it is so minimal that I rarely have a moment’s worry.

That being said, I still stick to the protocol–taking 10,000 iu D3 soft gel daily, 200 mcg of k2mk7, more occasional use of magnesium chloride topically, and I’m still avoiding dairy (although I can have a very small amount occasionally with no ill effects). So that’s good news.

The bad news has been the closing of the Canada/U.S. border which left me scrambling for ways to get my supplements. In Canada I could only get 1,000 iu per soft gel of D3 but found that I could get a doctor’s prescription for 10,000 iu. Not every pharmacy was able to fill the prescription but I finally found one. That was a relief. Bad news=more expensive.

Also, Health Canada, blocked the Life Extension Super K so I had to change brands (sadly). However, k2mk7 is much more readily available now in almost any health food store so it wasn’t a tragedy.

And another bit of good news is the large quantity of new dairy-free products that are not just palatable but actually delicious.

So, I’ll stop here and hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well.

“This too shall pass.”

Here’s the link: oh, goodness, I guess it’s not just the link but the actual video.

Sending love and blessings to all of you.

Dakota and her little dog, Lucky (who has been such a wonderful support during the past year).

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