AHHHHH Relief!

I like to Stir things up a bit…….I am not at all like DAK……I am Blunt! Rude! and fairly obnoxious! I don’t care to hear Your Sob stories of Psoriasis! …..I just want You to try this  and prove this Grumpy old Fuck Wrong!……..I was not looking for a Cure or a Treatment  when all this happened ….. it just happened……I Continue reading “AHHHHH Relief!”

The Joys of Swimming–Minus the Stares!!!

If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be swimming in a public pool, in a bathing suit, I’d have told them they were nuts….BUT…it’s happening. Every Monday and Wednesday from 1:15 onward, it’s only $2.20 to use the Olympic complex next to the Nat Bailey Stadium.

The first time I walked in I was sure people were going to stare at my legs–legs that never saw the light of day for decades. It felt weird. And I felt awkward.

But Continue reading “The Joys of Swimming–Minus the Stares!!!”

The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!

So, I’ve been arguing with Charlie for months about moisturizing. And because he’s a guy guy, he avoids it like the plague. I figure he’s just stubborn but he says he’s just logical.

Anyway, after cheating a bit Continue reading “The Wonder of Magnesium Chloride OR Dang!!! Charlie’s right again!!!”

CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…feeling grateful:)

Ah, it’s turkey time in the more northern part of North America. As I was telling Charlie, we here in Canada have the good sense to keep Thanksgiving far enough away from Christmas    so that we really enjoy both turkey dinners!

But even more important, this weekend gives me time to Continue reading “CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…feeling grateful:)”

There’s something about Dairy:)

Well, so much for my little experiment with goat milk yogurt. I only had to eat it once before a couple of little spots showed up on the inside calf of my left leg. Now, most people wouldn’t have even noticed them–or maybe thought they were mosquito bites–but I knew better:(

So I thought it would be a good opportunity to experiment on topical medications. I tried tar, cortisone–the old standbys– and those little spots didn’t budge. Now, they didn’t get worse but they stubbornly sat there, staring at me.

The next step was to increase my D3 and k2. I had been on a maintenance dosage for Continue reading “There’s something about Dairy:)”

Magnesium Chloride: Part of the reason for lower incidence of psoriasis in Asians?

Perhaps a better title for this blog is “a handful of luck is better than a truckload of wisdom”!!!

Here’s a little background information. Incidence of psoriasis in North America and Europe is around 3-5 people per 100. In Asian countries it’s around 1-2 per thousand. Now, that’s a pretty hefty difference. My first theory Continue reading “Magnesium Chloride: Part of the reason for lower incidence of psoriasis in Asians?”