The BEST Diet you’ve never heard about! (BLOG #27)

THE BEST DIET…you’ve never heard about!

Keto? Paleo? Atkins? Low Carb? No Carb? No Gluten? There are enough diets out there to give your head the spins. So which one is the best for psoriasis?

And heart health?
And lower rates of osteoporosis?
And longevity?

Well….none of the above. And it makes me wonder why so little is written about the diet which appears to be the best. It’s not even a diet. It just the way Asian people eat. Or at least did until they started incorporating Western food into their diet.

Japanese women had low rates of breast cancer until they moved to North America and ate North American food.

Asian countries have a significantly lower rate of heart disease than Western countries (in spite of smoking like chimneys).

And psoriasis incidence is way lower than North America or Europe.


Well, let’s look at the diet. And I don’t mean the Chinese food you find in the Mall which has been altered to satisfy the North American clientele. I mean “real” Asian food.

Small amounts of meat (chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc.)
Practically no dairy
Lots of fresh vegetables
Nuts, tofu, rice, sea weed
(These are just the basics–the real Asian diet is chock full of wonderful and healthy foods).

Because we believe all the hype about the importance of loading up on calcium–in the diet (dairy), in calcium supplements, in calcium fortified beverages we now suffer from a lot of avoidable diseases. We’re drowning in calcium.

And if dairy was so essential to good health, how come the Asian population isn’t decimated by osteoporosis. Not only are they not decimated, they have WAY LESS OSTEOPOROSIS than North America. There’s something wrong with the information we’re being given by our doctors and dieticians.

If you look at our 4 part protocol, there’s some interesting connections to the Asian diet.
1. k2mk7 is found in natto (Japanese health food and the base ingredient in most k2mk7 supplements).
2. magnesium chloride is used in cooking.
3. No dairy (or very little)

The only part missing is the higher dose of D3. But that would not be so necessary because their diet is not swimming in calcium.

But they ARE getting calcium from their vegetables and nuts and seeds and tofu and soy products.

Anyway, this has lead me to do another little experiment. I realize that a number of members (including myself) have had some concerns about not consuming enough calcium while on the 4 part protocol.

Ideally, however, we don’t stay for a long time on high dose D3 (whose job it is to pull the excess calcium from where it should not be–eg: the plaques or spots of psoriasis).

But even so, I have wondered if there wasn’t a calcium supplement that wouldn’t create a problem with our skin.

I might have found it.

I’ve just started taking a plant based (algae) calcium. Not a lot (250 mg. daily). Added to my other calcium foods (almond milk, tofu, greens, etc) Anyway, I’ll be watching my skin to see how it is affected by this addition. And I’ll be letting you know how it works.

Anyway, that’s my take on diet for this week. Hope you all had a fun Hallowe’en. Couldn’t resist adding this photo of me (taken by a neighbor) and Skinny (my favorite skeleton) just before the kids came for their treats.

Much love,
Dakota, Lucky and Charlie

Dracota and Skinny

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