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    1. I can’t answer this question. Best to ask your doctor. Now, I did speak with a woman last week who has psoriasis and she said that when she was pregnant her psoriasis improved but after she had the baby, it came back. We wondered if during pregnancy, the child (within) was consuming some of the calcium from her body. And part of our protocol comes from studies that say that people with psoriasis have difficulty metabolizing calcium and that excess calcium has been found in psoriasis plaques. Who knows? She is a health consultant and gives D3 and K2 to her children but as for breastfeeding, that’s unknown territory. I certainly wouldn’t take the higher dosage of D3 until the infant was weaned.

    1. Jacquie; Hi, some people are more sensitive to D3 than others. And one of the side effects can be feeling revved and having difficulty sleeping. I always took my D3 in the morning and used magnesium chloride several times a day–particularly before bedtime because it is calming. Also, I never watch TV, listen to news,before sleeping. Hope this helps. If not let me know and we can look deeper. Dakota

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