Miraculous improvement – “Living Free”

Just under two weeks into freedomfrompsoriasis, and forever thankful for the improvement protocol you shared. Haven’t yet read your spiritual background, but I am SO grateful, and praying the Lord’s kind blessings on you both. On my own “spiritual note”: I had given long-years-of-suffering completely to the Lord on Sunday and found your protocol on Monday. As in, desperately praying for alleviated suffering – but if the answer was no or not yet – still fully trusting in His great Love and care. So, His answer over the past two weeks was Yes to freedomfrompsoriasis – (remission seems like too “calm” of a term) – it does feel more like freedom.
After eight years of major scalp psoriasis/inflammation and occasional other flares: Physically, I experienced miraculous improvement within the first week, to the degree that I am not suffering from psoriasis and instead living free. Like, filled to overflowing with gratitude within days. Crossing the ten/eleven day mark, I am starting to ease back toward the maintenance protocol and will keep monitoring… the maintenance plan seems well-reasoned in the general fight against inflammation for those of us with autoimmune disorders… and now armed with the improvement protocol to fight flares!
Couple of notes:
My topical magnesium source: Life-Flo Magnesium Oil Spray.
Digestive: The improvement protocol seemed to take me through a “digestive cleanse” – which on the good side, made me more naturally drawn to plenty of water and the good foods to focus on (and very motivated to avoid the ones to avoid) – I’d say a “cleanse” is probably tied to the healing – and worth a bit of digestive side effects. And motivates the move to maintaining the maintenance protocol.
Deepest thanks – my first donation is only a drop in the bucket of what I owe you. And next step is definitely starting to pay it forward – starting by sharing with a couple of family members who need this protocol. Many blessings to you and to all who find the beginning of freedom. I found mine in trusting Christ. Living psoriasis-free is a crazy blessing on top of that freedom.

Erythrodermic after 2 months

From 4.06 -13.08 (June 4 – Aug. 13, 2021


Thank you for your feedback. My name is Zofia, I am 30, and I suffer from psoriasis since I was 12. I live in Poland.

I have been using your protocol since June 4th up to this day. Ever since I was struggling with this disease I have had spots on my whole body. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Unfortunately in May of this year I was exposed to great stress and I developed erythroderma. That covered 95% of my body.

I found your protocol and I started treatment since June 4th when I gathered all necessary supplements.

I started from 10000iu D3, 100ug K2mk7, magnesium oil and I have also excluded dairy from my diet. Currently I consume 40000iu D3, 200ug K2mk7 and I use magnesium oil. Still I avoid any dairy products.

I would like to highlight that I am currently pregnant and my gynecologyst approved this procedure. I have also took two doses of Pfizer covid-19 vaccine (I have not seen any negative effects on my skin).

I am very ashamed of my body in this state so I have dared to show only my legs. Please find attached photos.

Firstly I have seen progress on my head and ears, next on my neck and torso, later on my arms. Legs are the slowest progress.

I would like to thank you for this protocol.

Best regards

Protocol works!

Hi everyone, I’ve had a bit of plaque psorasis on my elbows for years but it’s never gone anywhere else. In July 2019 I started noticing spots on legs, back, behind.. really scattered all over. The spots were getting redder each day and the entire situation was making me extremely stressed and anxious. I had also developed some scalp psorasis as well. Spots on body were guttate! Really a mess.

I started doing research and came across this protocol! This worked for me and I am just thrilled with the results! Started the protocol in mid-October and stuck to it. Mid-December I noticed spots were fading, plaque on elbows gone, scalp psorasis gone (also used tea tree shampoo/conditioner for scalp) I am maintaining now with D3 and K2 and use the magnesium spray daily 2x a day! I also use a great cream I found as well which seems to help 🙂

Thank you Dakota and Charlie!

The Missing Piece to the Puzzle (Feb. 2019)

…..(after finding this page [on FB] a week ago)….I’ve been dairy free like usual, but also added the proper dosage of vitamin K and D like you suggest, and I haven’t seen my skin this good in soooo long!! I really think your protocol has been the missing piece to the puzzle and I’m so excited to see what my skin is like in several weeks. Thank you for sharing your story and helping people!! I’m so encouraged and hopeful now.


It works! I read Dakota’s story and started the protocol. I also had been off dairy before I started. I was 85-90% covered, and cleared in 4-6 weeks. I read labels. There aren’t many pre-packaged foods without calcium.

I have talked to three doctors that are telling me to continue doing what I’m doing. To all that try this, go by the exact protocol and you will see results. Thank you Dakota and Lucky

In 6 weeks I was clear…Inverse Psoriasis

Dakota, I found your website in October, about 2 months after my first flare (severe) of Inverse Psoriasis. I was miserable. My dermatologist offered only toxic Rx. In 6 weeks I was clear after eliminating dairy, taking 20-30,000 D3 and K2mk7, and using Mo Maggie lotion.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and improving the lives of others. Jennifer, 02/2019

Testimonials (February 2019)

I’ve been doing the Protocol since the last week of November. I’m not sure that any of my rash has completely disappeared but all of it keeps getting lighter and lighter….I’m still seeing amazing improvements.        Diane,  02/2019

I’m seeing slow progress. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 weeks so I know I need to give it more time but I’m seeing healing every single day. I can’t thank you enough.          Robyn,    02/2019

Thanks for your info. I’m excited to begin this journey….As a medical professional I have to try to be objective and scientific. That being said-biologics are NOT and never will be for me! The protocol does make sense and the rational seems sound.      Debbie,    02/2019

Thank God for you, Dakota, your advice fixed me too. xxx  Suzanne 02/2019

Hi! Thanks a million for inspiring so many of us!!  I’m also on the protocol for a few weeks and def. seeing some results.   Marjan,   02/2019

I went from almost all body covered, to almost cleared as of now with this combo of D3/K2/mag with 8 months….I do blood work every 3 months. My liver, kidney test results have never been better. Thousand times thank you, Dakota.     Chu,   02/2019

It works

I started the protocol and saw results in a week. I am not completely clear due to my own fault and lack of time taking care of myself before everyone else.

I stopped spraying the Mag for a week and had more breakout in my legs however; my arms and upper body stayed clear.

I panicked = stress!

I returned to your web page and upped my D3 and MK7 K2. Calmed myself down, soaked in a bath of the magnesium chloride with a candle and soothing music a few nights a week and it works.

I have shared your web page with many and will continue to share. I find it very unfortunate that many people will not take the time to register and read your web page because they think you are selling something even after I correct them.

You are both amazing people! We need more Dakota and Charlies on this earth. I continue to heal and clear every day!

Thank you both so much for taking the time to help others! Before photo attached, but after photo did not.

Protocol is working!

Attached is a photo of a lesion on my arm. It started out small and got to about the size of a quarter. It was very red and would not heal.

After starting the protocol, and in approximately one month, it is now non-existent. The area is just a little pink/white and almost gone.

The other spots most prevalent are on my thighs and are slowly diminishing. I believe the longer the lesions have been present, the longer they take to heal. But they ARE going away. I also have white spots where the lesions were, but I am hoping those, too, will fade.

Thank you so much and I hope this helps someone.


Hi Dakota and Charlie! Thankyou both so very much for sharing this with everyone. I have only started this protocol around 3 days ago and i am determined to stick with it. I am 48 and have had psoriasis since age 17. The past 12 months it has progressively worsened. I am now feeling extremely anxious and worried it is going to spread uncontrollably. This is my last hope!! After being round the medical system my whole life i know pharma does not work. Fingers crossed for results. I will keep you posted. Much love and hugs to you both. Jo, Australia xxx

Can see improvement from Day 3 itself! Never saw such recovery in my past 22 years of suffering!

Wonderful result! I m very happy to notify you all that I m 90% clear now! First time in past 22 years! My daily bathing routine came down to 15 mins from 1 hour! I feel really fresh in my new skin! I can see the clear skin from day 3 onwards! I started posting about this forum in all public forums but personally! First two weeks i was using capsule based K2MK7. Now I got Life Extension Super K. Some rough patches are there from past many years which got really rough skin and taking time to flatten. Very few dry patches on body. Also few spots on the edge of forehead and on back of the neck taking time. It may be due to this bad winter. Even for normal people, its difficult to manage. So its expected condition! Many black spots left over on the skin after healing the P. It may take some time to get them fade into normal skin color! I suggest all who ever reading this, Please dont waste money and time by trying biologics and other life threatening medicines to get some relief for some limited period. Please try this protocol and you will see the results from day 3. About the magnesium chloride, it first stings your skin on very first day, later you will enjoy it applying on the skin as it gives soothing feel. Dont ignore, this is also main part of protocol. I gave up all forms of Dairy. But still not sure what to exclude from other types of foods, I keep on testing!

Thanks a ton to both Dakota and Charlie! You are wonderful human beings sharing your story and this protocol to many suffering people in this world. I hope this helps many others! You need somebody help to update this blog time to time. There are many others waiting to see the results and wanted to hear from you time to time.

I started 20K IU D3 ( Doctor’s Best D3 5000IU softgels 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner )and Life Extension Super K 200mcg (100mcg K2MK7 as all-trans menaquinone 7) one with breakfast and 1 with Dinner. Magnesium oil (Magnesium flakes and water 50:50) for external application once during night time. You will see bit disturbance in sleeping routines. I get to sleep early thats immediately after dinner around 9PM and get up during midnight (1AM) or very early hours (3AM-5AM). Just practice, you will over come that difference.

Please update about the Milkthistle supplement usage as well incase if we need to help the liver due to excess usage of D3. This would be helpful to many. Also any estimated timelines to clear the black patches under the skin after clearing the P on skin. Thanks a lot in advance.

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