Protocol works!

Hi everyone, I’ve had a bit of plaque psorasis on my elbows for years but it’s never gone anywhere else. In July 2019 I started noticing spots on legs, back, behind.. really scattered all over. The spots were getting redder each day and the entire situation was making me extremely stressed and anxious. I had also developed some scalp psorasis as well. Spots on body were guttate! Really a mess.

I started doing research and came across this protocol! This worked for me and I am just thrilled with the results! Started the protocol in mid-October and stuck to it. Mid-December I noticed spots were fading, plaque on elbows gone, scalp psorasis gone (also used tea tree shampoo/conditioner for scalp) I am maintaining now with D3 and K2 and use the magnesium spray daily 2x a day! I also use a great cream I found as well which seems to help 🙂

Thank you Dakota and Charlie!

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