It works

I started the protocol and saw results in a week. I am not completely clear due to my own fault and lack of time taking care of myself before everyone else.

I stopped spraying the Mag for a week and had more breakout in my legs however; my arms and upper body stayed clear.

I panicked = stress!

I returned to your web page and upped my D3 and MK7 K2. Calmed myself down, soaked in a bath of the magnesium chloride with a candle and soothing music a few nights a week and it works.

I have shared your web page with many and will continue to share. I find it very unfortunate that many people will not take the time to register and read your web page because they think you are selling something even after I correct them.

You are both amazing people! We need more Dakota and Charlies on this earth. I continue to heal and clear every day!

Thank you both so much for taking the time to help others! Before photo attached, but after photo did not.

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