Can see improvement from Day 3 itself! Never saw such recovery in my past 22 years of suffering!

Wonderful result! I m very happy to notify you all that I m 90% clear now! First time in past 22 years! My daily bathing routine came down to 15 mins from 1 hour! I feel really fresh in my new skin! I can see the clear skin from day 3 onwards! I started posting about this forum in all public forums but personally! First two weeks i was using capsule based K2MK7. Now I got Life Extension Super K. Some rough patches are there from past many years which got really rough skin and taking time to flatten. Very few dry patches on body. Also few spots on the edge of forehead and on back of the neck taking time. It may be due to this bad winter. Even for normal people, its difficult to manage. So its expected condition! Many black spots left over on the skin after healing the P. It may take some time to get them fade into normal skin color! I suggest all who ever reading this, Please dont waste money and time by trying biologics and other life threatening medicines to get some relief for some limited period. Please try this protocol and you will see the results from day 3. About the magnesium chloride, it first stings your skin on very first day, later you will enjoy it applying on the skin as it gives soothing feel. Dont ignore, this is also main part of protocol. I gave up all forms of Dairy. But still not sure what to exclude from other types of foods, I keep on testing!

Thanks a ton to both Dakota and Charlie! You are wonderful human beings sharing your story and this protocol to many suffering people in this world. I hope this helps many others! You need somebody help to update this blog time to time. There are many others waiting to see the results and wanted to hear from you time to time.

I started 20K IU D3 ( Doctor’s Best D3 5000IU softgels 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner )and Life Extension Super K 200mcg (100mcg K2MK7 as all-trans menaquinone 7) one with breakfast and 1 with Dinner. Magnesium oil (Magnesium flakes and water 50:50) for external application once during night time. You will see bit disturbance in sleeping routines. I get to sleep early thats immediately after dinner around 9PM and get up during midnight (1AM) or very early hours (3AM-5AM). Just practice, you will over come that difference.

Please update about the Milkthistle supplement usage as well incase if we need to help the liver due to excess usage of D3. This would be helpful to many. Also any estimated timelines to clear the black patches under the skin after clearing the P on skin. Thanks a lot in advance.

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