Erythrodermic after 2 months

From 4.06 -13.08 (June 4 – Aug. 13, 2021


Thank you for your feedback. My name is Zofia, I am 30, and I suffer from psoriasis since I was 12. I live in Poland.

I have been using your protocol since June 4th up to this day. Ever since I was struggling with this disease I have had spots on my whole body. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Unfortunately in May of this year I was exposed to great stress and I developed erythroderma. That covered 95% of my body.

I found your protocol and I started treatment since June 4th when I gathered all necessary supplements.

I started from 10000iu D3, 100ug K2mk7, magnesium oil and I have also excluded dairy from my diet. Currently I consume 40000iu D3, 200ug K2mk7 and I use magnesium oil. Still I avoid any dairy products.

I would like to highlight that I am currently pregnant and my gynecologyst approved this procedure. I have also took two doses of Pfizer covid-19 vaccine (I have not seen any negative effects on my skin).

I am very ashamed of my body in this state so I have dared to show only my legs. Please find attached photos.

Firstly I have seen progress on my head and ears, next on my neck and torso, later on my arms. Legs are the slowest progress.

I would like to thank you for this protocol.

Best regards

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