Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleu

Sometimes just taking a risk is worth it!

I was feeling a bit blue the other night and wondering how to get this information about our protocol out to more people. Maybe it was the “blues” that made me remember one of our heroes in this fight against psoriasis–Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleu, a Canadian naturopath who has been promoting the use of the vitamins K2 and D3 (for osteoporosis).

We had often shared links to Dr. Kate’s videos on our NPF threads. Although she was not talking directly about psoriasis, she was more than knowledgable about K2 D3 (two parts of our 4 part protocol). We also mentioned her book: “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life”, published by HarperCollins.

Anyway, I decided to contact her via e-mail–not expecting to actually hear from her. Imagine my surprise the next morning when I found her response. Not only was she willing to e-mail me–she phoned me and we had a great discussion about the protocol, about the challenges of promoting alternative remedies, about the devious nature of many large pharmaceutical companies and more.

Bottom line, I have nothing but respect for this woman–this doctor. We need more people like her. And she will be adding a link to this FreedomFromPsoriasis website to her website.

So my “bleus” (the French word for blue) vanished and I am feeling so much more hopeful about getting this free information out to people suffering from psoriasis. It’s an uphill battle against the companies that have deep financial pockets and who use them to discredit alternative remedies.

As I will continue to say: “We shall overcome!”

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  1. Dear Dakota and Charlie, I actually just returned to Ontario a few days ago from attending a wedding in beautiful Vancouver. What a lovely city!! My friend in Victoria sent me an article today introducing me to your website. I have been battling scalp psoriasis for many years and I believe that I have intermittently suffered from inverse psoriasis behind my ears and in other areas of my body from a young child. As this condition has recently become more severe, I have been seeking new directions. My story parallels some aspects of your own in that all dermatological routes have been spectacularly unsuccessful. I feel so fortunate that I am not as bothered by this disease as many people but the itching and scaling are a daily deterrent to my quality of life and I am eager to try your Protocol. My system is incredibly sensitive and I am wondering if I might start at a lower dosage of introducing everything especially since I have only a few areas to treat. What do you think of that idea? I think I may have enjoyed my last cheese and vegetable casserole tonight! But I am more than willing to try your recommendations. Thank you each so very much for sharing the experiences of your inspiring life journeys. Sharon Sinclair

    1. Sure, you can start at a lower dose of the D3 and K2 but keep the magnesium chloride at a 50/50 solution and put it under your arms. Most importantly stop all dairy, at least for now and see how things go. Good luck. Dan & Charlie

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