Anger, Immune System and Psoriasis (BLOG #20)

A few weeks ago I had an incident (a wrongful accusation) that made me really angry. And I mean seriously angry. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And every time I revisited the incident (in my mind) it came back in Technicolor. I wrote letters (in my mind). Angry letters. Sad letters. Letters of frustration.

They didn’t help.

And guess who suffered? The person who had “done me wrong”? Nope! I did. And my immune system suffered too. I got sick. My skin got worse. Inflamed. Red. Hot. I wondered if there was a connection.

See, the condition of the liver is important for healing psoriasis. Years ago I bought a book about psoriasis that was very helpful. It stated “…testing and treatment has shown that a dysfunction of the liver is the primary underlying cause of psoriasis”. I still have the book.

In Chinese medicine there is a belief that the liver is the organ affected by anger. And Louise L. Hay wrote “the liver is the seat of anger”.

I Googled anger and the immune system. Guess what? A fit of anger can negatively affect the immune system for six hours. Your odds of having a heart attack double after a rage attack. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. We don’t need to compromise our immune system any further than it already is.

Think about it. Anger. Fire. Flame. Inflammation. Psoriasis is red and hot and itchy and irritating. The skin is inflamed. It looks angry.

Anger is one of the enemies of healing our psoriasis. I had a little fit of anger last night and watched my small flare get red and irritated. Only an hour before, my skin was looking pretty good. That was my wake up call. I decided to DO SOMETHING about it.

I’m a fan of Brad Yates who has many free Youtubes about all manner of emotional issues. He uses “Tapping” or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). They are only about 10 minutes long. I Googled Brad Yates youtube anger and did some tapping.

Then I watched a few other Youtubes regarding anger reduction suggestions. I came away with:


See, I can drop my anger for a while but I don’t “leave it”. I keep coming back for more. It’s so seductive. So my plan now is to neither talk nor think about this event again. And if I catch myself slipping back into revisiting the event I will remove it by thinking”


That’s my emotional remedy.

As for the physical remedy I’ve just started taking a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder + 1/4 tsp. of black pepper in a small glass of water. Turmeric is a natural remedy for inflammation but (IMPORTANT!!) it doesn’t work without the pepper.

And I’m massaging the liver acupressure point (just below the right breast) for a minute, a few times a day (probably best not done at work:). And I send Divine Love (or just Love) to this important organ.

I do understand the anger and frustration of having this disease–psoriasis. I had it for over 45 years. And, trust me, I know about anger. And I now know that the price for anger is way too high.


If you can relate to this post about anger, make the decision to try an anger-free diet. Your immune system will love you for it.

Lucky and I send you love (and Charlie, too)

PS: My skin looks better today.

Look, theres an Angel in the top left hand corner.

Please send this to all your friends. People need to know how important it is for their health (even if they don’t have psoriasis). Would you pass it forward?

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