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Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
 But to get serious benefit for psoriatic arthritis from turmeric, you have to take lots and lots of it, because most of it will go in and out (and you’ll know it – lovely golden yellow will come out of everywhere, I think it even came out of my pores, saliva and nose).

Curcumin (the isolated active ingredient in turmeric) is of course, way stronger, but still, much of it goes in and out. Curcumin with piperine may be more absorbable, but then along came Bio-Available Curcumin. 

The brand that I’ve been using for the last 4 years is Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin. Read more about it here in LE Magazine:
 …BUT you can buy it much cheaper at 9.htm

There are other bio-available brands, but some are more expensive, or you may have to take more per day, etc. However, I encourage you to experiment with other quality brands that you may discover that work as well or better. 

When I take it (LE brand is just a 1-400mg a day cap), my pain, swelling, redness is gone within 2 weeks; not just better, but GONE. I START TO FEEL IMPROVEMENT WITHIN 3 DAYS.

However, if I go without it for more then 3 or 4 days, it will start coming back.

That’s what happened to me twice: once when I broke my arm/shoulder and they told me not to take any NSAIDS because they retard healing. IGNORANT me thought NSAIDS included curcumin. But no, NSAIDS are a specific category that includes aspirin and ibuprofen among others – but in the few weeks it took me to find that out, my PsA came back with a vengeance – I couldn’t even pour water to make myself a cup of tea.

The other time was when I had a heart attack and was a “prisoner” in Bellvue’s ICU unit for 3 days. They did save my llfe, but I was glad to get back to my curcumin. 

It takes a few weeks and about $20 to try it. If you do, please let us know how it works out for you.

If you’d like to try the LE brand, Allstar ( 9.htm ) has the cheapest price I’ve found so far – $19.99 for 60 caps. That comes to $10 per month. They have a flat shipping fee of $4.95, (sometimes less) no matter how much you order.

I can only write first-hand about the supps that I have taken and the effect they have on me.
 I do take other vitamins, supplements for many other reasons… but For PsA, I use only LE Bio-curcumin; 1 cap per day, nothing else. (if I should pull or strain a muscle while dancing or whatever, I’ll take 2 a day for a few weeks)
Link: Arthritis Foundation: ts-herbs/guide/turmeric.php

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