If you didn’t read the July member letter, here is a second chance to learn something NEW (to Charlie and me) that will affect the efficacy of the protocol.


First, I apologize for taking so long to write this letter but trust me, it’s worth it!

Remember, in the last letter, I thought that my birthday celebration (which included a bit of dairy and a lot of alcohol) had caused a flare of psoriasis on my legs and arms.


It took 2 agonizing months before I had a hunch to reread the Brazil Hospital study (patients had either psoriasis or vitiligo). And am I ever glad I did.

Two years ago, on reading it, I knew that the patients had been taking 35,000 iu of D3 for 6 months. And they had eliminated dairy.

What I hadn’t noticed was that they had also eliminated ALL DAIRY SUBSTITUTES FORTIFIED WITH CALCIUM. I immediately went into my kitchen and grabbed the almond milk (Trader Joes) that I’d been consuming (coincidentally) for the previous 2 months. Guess what? It had 46% calcium. That’s more than you get in milk!!!

I stopped drinking it immediately and Skyped Charlie. And this is where it gets weird. Charlie had never wanted to drink almond milk (beer being his beverage of choice:). But he decided to try it and he LOVED IT. Within a month he had the worst flare of psoriasis since we started the website.

He realized that the only thing he’d changed in his diet was the almond milk, so he stopped drinking it. Guess what? After only 5 days his psoriasis was diminishing. It wasn’t the almond milk it per se it was the calcium added to the almond milk!

What are the chances that both of us would have the same experience at the same time? Not very likely. But it happened.

It’s just over 4 weeks since I stopped that brand of almond milk (and ALL high calcium food—at least for a while) and my skin is about 90% better.

This is an IMPORTANT addition to our protocol. The entire protocol is based on the suspicion/theory that calcium is the major problem for people with psoriasis. Remember the 2 studies quoted on the website—one which states that “excess calcium has been found in psoriasis plaques” and the other that stated that “people with psoriasis have an inability to metabolize calcium”.

The high dosage D3 pulls the excess calcium from where it shouldn’t be (for us, that would be the psoriasis plaques) and the k2 mk7 directs that excess calcium to the bones and teeth (where it should go). The magnesium chloride used topically, helps to keep the calcium fluid.

There was one other part of the hospital study that I hadn’t seen. And that was about “hydration”. The patients were consuming 2.5 liters of water daily. I can’t quite gag down that much, but I have increased substantially my water consumption. I figure it can’t hurt.

But the KEY is the CALCIUM!!!

I googled every food source before I ate it to see how much calcium it contained. Check all labels for calcium content. Charlie’s almond milk had 47% calcium. I’ve switched to coconut milk for the time being. The one I use has 0% calcium. Once my skin is back to 99% clear I’ll add almond milk but NOT one with so much calcium in it.

Good grief! This has been a bit of a nightmare but in the long run it is really a blessing in disguise. If we hadn’t both had flares we never would have realized that some dairy substitutes are FORTIFIED with gobs of calcium. Who knew? Obviously not us. Now we know it and are passing it along to you.

BEWARE THE DEMON CALCIUM. STOP ALL calcium fortified food and drink!  And let us know how this piece of information affects you.

Anyway, it has been quite the journey this past few months. All the old behaviors returned. I was hiding out. Back to long skirts and long sleeves. Becoming solitary. Depressed. Taking cool showers to control the itching. Wondering if the website would have to be removed. I couldn’t say the protocol was working if it wasn’t working for me.

But I went back to 40,000 iu D3. And about 800 mcg of K2 MK7. No dairy OR FORTIFIED SUBSTITUTES. Lots of water. Magnesium chloride used topically twice a day. And I found that Vaseline was the most comforting topical ointment to use on my skin, although I did mix things up by using coconut oil, and other witchcraft unguents that I whipped up.

Lordy, Lordy, I sure am feeling better now.

I hope this makes a difference for you, too.

Much love,

Dakota, Lucky and Charlie

Author: dakota

I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. I share my apartment with a little Brussels Griffon called Lucky. I like to read and watch movies and draw cartoons and write. I'm also a published author and painter. Mostly I like to putter. And fix things. And think.


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