Webinar #6 Replay Dec.7/16- Dakota

This is a replay of sixth Live Chat Webinar, hosted by Dakota. The final one for 2016. Watch your email, or here on the Blog, for when the next webinar will be held in 2017. Have a great Christmas (watch out for that dairy!).

Members are invited to attend any live webinar and ask questions via text chat or open their microphone and join the conversation.

We hope that hearing our stories and experiences, as well as from other members, will encourage you to commit to your own journey of being free from psoriasis, the easiest way we know how, by using the protocol we provide to you for free.

Webinars are recorded and posted here (access for members only, it is free to be a member).

Enjoy our banter, webinar rookieness, psoriasis stories, tips and more….

Love, Dakota

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3 thoughts on “Webinar #6 Replay Dec.7/16- Dakota”

  1. I’m KK Pillai, based in Mumbai, India. Im battling psoriasis since 5 years. I have both Plaque and Scalp psoriasis. Accidentally I came across this protocol, which I’m following it since 2 weeks. My in take of D3 is 30000 in per day with 400 mcg K2 MK7 and magnesium chloride 50/50 with water, only once a day. My dairy intake is totally stopped since two weeks. I’m yet to see any result, but I’m confident I will experience it another two weeks. I have not had any side effect so far after the high dosage of D3 or K2 MK7. Hopefully I can free myself from this nightmare soon..keeping you all updated

    1. Sorry, Krishna, I’ve been enjoying the summer too much and not keeping up with people on the website. I think my skin cleared faster because I had stopped dairy for a few months before starting on the K2 mk7 and the D3. I just want to make sure that you’re using a “soft gel” form of both the k2 and the D3. It seems to work better. I have to go to the U.S. (fortunately Vancouver is close to the border) to get my supplements. Anyway, you’re doing the right things. Be patient. It’s not a quick fix. And good luck to you. Keep me up to date on your progress.

      1. Thank you Dakota. I’m still continuing my protocol now since a month. Yet to notice any improvement. May be my magnesium chloride usage may not be 50/50% and usually I sit for 20 mats with my feet in the mag.chloride solution. I notice that my skin all over the body has gone very dry. Does that dryness usually happen? I’m applying coconut oil as my moisturizer 3to 4 times a day.

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