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Should I ask my doctor about this protocol?

You could. It might be helpful to keep your doctor in the loop. However, having said that, many doctors are not knowledgeable about alternative/natural remedies and may never have heard of these supplements. Try to find a doctor who is open to new ideas. More and more doctors are showing interest in alternative remedies. Many of them can be found on the internet.

Should I get my D levels tested before I begin?

You could do that. It will show whether your D level is low before starting the protocol. Unfortunately the tests for D levels are designed for “normal” people. Based on the studies by Dr. Coimbra, (who has worked for several decades with high dose vitamin D) people with immune diseases do not metabolize D very well, and need to take much more to get optimum results.

Does this protocol work for everyone?

It works for most people but we did get some people who were not getting results. Often, the reason for this is that they have altered the protocol in some way. Dairy is definitely a sticking point for many. No one likes to give it up. And we cannot recommend dosage. I can only say what worked for me and other members–based on their testimonials.

I don’t want to stop dairy. Does it still work if I continue to eat yogurt?

No, it will not work as well. You are trying to remove excess calcium from your system. Adding dairy will either slow down, stall, or completely stop your progress.

Do I have to stop eating eggs?

No! Eggs come from chickens—not cows. They are not dairy.

Can I eat butter while on the protocol?

Yes! Butter is very low in calcium. And it is best to eat grass fed cow’s butter. Kerry Gold Irish Grass fed         butter is wonderful.

Does this protocol work for psoriatic arthritis?

We have not had feedback that tells us that it works for psoriatic arthritis. But we have read some encouraging results with the protocol plus curcumin (bio available, high dose).

Are there any other vitamins or supplements that might be helpful when doing this protocol?

Yes. You might consider adding Omega 3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A (halibut liver oil), and a good B-complex. B2 is particularly important. Be careful with multi-vitamins as they contain added calcium and can slow the process of the protocol.

What about the dangers of “nightshades”?

I think it would be wise to limit nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc.)

Should I avoid gluten?

That’s a personal choice. You know your body better than anyone else. I avoided gluten for several months and now only eat foods with gluten occasionally.

Is alcohol (beer, wine, spirits) bad for me?

Again, this depends on your constitution. Alcohol is hard on the liver and there have been some theories that psoriasis sufferers have weakened livers. Charlie drinks tons of beer and I drink occasionally. I am more of a perfectionist when it comes to my skin. Charlie is more relaxed.

Can I use this protocol when taking biologics or other allopathic medicines?

Talk to your doctor about anything you add to your current medications.

I’ve read several articles about the dangers of high D3 intake—what am I supposed to believe?

As mentioned in the body of the website, the recommended daily dosage of D3 is as variable as the winds. Always consider the source of any article. Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money from vitamins or supplements. Scare tactics are effective.

       To be completely honest, I was concerned when I was taking the high dose (40,000 iu D3) but I only               stayed on it for two months and then slowly reduced to 10,000 iu (my maintenance dosage) daily. And I         later found the work of Dr. Coimbra, who has been giving high dose D to his patients for several                         decades. He uses 1000 iu of vitamin D per kilo (2.2 lbs) of body weight (which is much higher than our           protocol).

As over five years have passed, and I have used the high dose on three occasions (each time for                           two months or less), without any negative side effects–I now feel more confident about the efficacy             of this protocol and do not worry about using higher dosage in the short term.

Where can I find the supplements that you used? is the website I went to for my k2. (Life Extension Super K) however it is no longer allowed into Canada. But as K2mk7 becomes more known, there are many more choices on the market for this supplement.

Vitamin D3 (5,000 or 10,000 iu per soft gel) can be found on numerous websites and in health food stores in the United States. Unfortunately, in Canada, you can only get vitamin D3 soft gel in 1000 iu per pill. However, you can find vitamin D3 drops @ 1000 iu per drop which is easier than consuming a ton of pills. Another option is to get a prescription from your doctor for the higher dose D3. Not all pharmacies carry this product so phone around to find out who does fill prescriptions for high dose vitamin D (and make sure it’s a soft gel). Also, some naturopaths can provide the high dose D.

Magnesium chloride flakes can be found in most reputable health food stores or you can order on-line. I use the Ancient Minerals brand. It has a good history and is very reasonably priced. One bag (approx. $12.) will last you a long time when making your own magnesium chloride solution.

Where can I find more information about this protocol?

There used to be discussion threads on the National Psoriasis Team Inspire discussion site, titled:

  1. “Something that Really Works” by thepain (this thread is about magnesium chloride. It was closed but you may still be able to access the information).
  1. “…and his jaw dropped!!!” by dakota23 (removed by the NPF).
  1. “FREEDOM FROM PSORIASIS: A Survival Kit and FUN” by dakota23 and Charlie (removed by NPF).
  1. “Real Hope!!!” by Flintchick: This was the original thread that I found when my skin was at its worst. This thread is still on the NPF site and involves the use of vitamins K2 and D3.

Are there any side-effects to this protocol?

Negative side effects:

Some people cannot take too much vitamin D3 and it keeps them awake at night. Some people experience their heart beating faster. If you experience anything worrisome, see your doctor. The magnesium chloride used topically may help with sleep issues.

Also, you should not be taking blood thinners along with high dose D and K2mk7.

Magnesium Chloride solution: Can burn on plaques or broken skin. Painful. Some people also experience loose stools. If it burns too much, dilute with more water. If stools are too loose, reduce the amount or number of times you use it each day.

Positive side effects:

Magnesium chloride helps with sleep. Charlie found that it repels mosquitoes! (it does! I use it every summer). Also, Charlie mixed the mag with an over the counter cream and put it on chigger bites and they stopped itching immediately.

Vitamin k2 + D3: Has been used as a natural remedy for osteoporosis and heart problems. It is also a natural anti-aging remedy.

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