A Few Thoughts From Charlie

A Few Words from Charlie

Well I thought I would chime in and say that I am very happy that the Protocol (the one Dak and myself have come to be so dependent on) works. Now in saying that I also feel a bit guilty that I have not participated as much as I probably should have– to help Dak answer questions about this treatment, (remember Treatment, not a cure) because if you stop using it for too long Continue reading “A Few Thoughts From Charlie”



For those of you either thinking of OR having used the Magnesium on your head–DON’T!!! And also try to avoid putting it directly on your Active Psoriasis.

Please observe the same rules you would if you were going to take a dip in the Dead Sea.

No Splashing, never submerge your head, and avoid Continue reading “Magnesium”


P1020154I’ve often wondered what it must feel like to be released from prison after decades of incarceration. What happens after the first flush of joy? Of freedom? What unexpected pluses or minuses are there?

Because that’s been my experience over the past, well, close to two years psoriasis free (after 47 years of having a combination of plaque and guttate psoriasis). I don’t know why I was set free from this disease. I didn’t expect to be.

I thought I’d have it until the day I died. I’d long ago given up hope.

And in the back of my mind, there was always that niggling fear that the psoriasis would return with the vengeance it had shown in my late twenties when I was hospitalized. Then it did.

So, what does it feel like?

When the plaques first started to vanish Continue reading “RELEASED FROM PRISON after 47 years”


I write this to let others know that my Kitty (Kittis Spuss) as I call her from birth. Has decided to leave us, she has not yet passed, and is home again (Thankfully) laying in her favorite place, The Tractor seat. She has not eaten in 6-days now and is very weak, the Vet said to prepare to make plans. She will pass tomorrow either way, I can not let her suffer. Continue reading “Loss”

Psoriasis, PSA……… Psoriatic Arthritis

I was asked a long time ago if this protocol had any effects on Psoriatic Arthritis, I had replied that I had not seen any that I noticed, since I suffer from that too…..

well Fingernails, and Toenails are effected by  Psoriatic Arthritis, and I did do a before and after photo of this for my personal interest.

You be the judge!

Continue reading “Psoriasis, PSA……… Psoriatic Arthritis”

Alive ….I think!

Hey All!

Sorry I have not been very active (here) …on my end it has been non-stop!… Lightning which I truly love to watch, took its toll on me lately, Fried many things, that have screwed me big time. (3 rd time), If there is a Dark cloud to be seen ….its usually over me…..Really! ….anyway I will resume my self…..slow or fast I don’t know…..I always wonder WHY ? …fried my Router so I had no internet for a while, I got that back at least….so I can see the next storm approaching and be able to wait for the outcome.

Whew I love mother nature….. but she sure is hard to deal with sometimes. To all that have E-mailed me… sorry I lost most of it. I like most, get to experience many things that are an add on to the benefit of the Psoriasis. (STRESS !!!) Continue reading “Alive ….I think!”



Remember to stay Well hydrated, drink lots of water. It kind of goes without saying, but to many of us are so concentrated on our Psoriasis that we overlook the importance of staying well hydrated, it will really help and its so easy that it is overlooked! ….Do it!

Here is a good link on Hydration I find very informative.


Bitch Bitch and Grumble!

Come on in and Bitch …. I am going to!

We started a Web site to help people Honestly (Not for money) and what happens!, the Ass  holes who pretended to be helpful to psoriasis sufferers decides to give us shit! (Why) ?

because it works! without putting Money into the Big Company’s Pockets! What a crying shame, that there are so many companies ready to make a buck off of other people’s miseries.  As Gomer Pile would say ……. Shame Shame Shame.