Dakota’s Novel: Make Your Bed and Achieve Freedom From Psoriasis


MAKE YOUR BED: a Spiritual, Mental & Physical Survival Guide” is the third book written by me (Dakota), with the help of three Spiritual Guide dogs (Alphonse, Daisy and Snap) and a cat named Kittimus.

It’s a story of redemption—the redemption of Dr. Truman Grabble, a psychiatrist and not a very pleasant human being. He also happens to have psoriasis (hint, hint).

What on Earth prompted me to write such a book? Well, I wanted to help—not only people with psoriasis but also depression—to share some of the wisdom that had helped me over the years. And to pass on a somewhat quirky take on Spirituality.

All the knowledge in “MAKE YOUR BED” is presented by animals (you will never again underestimate the intelligence of dogs). My little dog, Lucky, has been a stellar mentor and best friend during Covid.

The book will make you smile—will give you insights into the healing of psoriasis—and might even change your life for the better in these challenging times.

You can get a PDF (or Kindle) version of “MAKE YOUR BED” for free, just complete the form.

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Dakota’s New Book: Make Your Bed: a Spiritual, Mental & Physical Survival Guide

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For Fun: BONUS Video: Meet Lucky

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