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It’s here. MAKE YOUR BED, the book.

A fun, enlightening spiritual journey that also as a bonus includes the all natural, affordable psoriasis treatment that has kept me clear of psoriasis for over 6 years now (after suffering from severe psoriasis for over 45 years).

Take a life changing journey with a novel perspective on your better mental, spiritual and physical health for everyone, not just psoriasis sufferers.

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Motivation, Focus + Results

An amazing story that is imbued with real insights and coaching processes to improve your life like:​

• Get trained in the rich canine spiritual practice called “The 4 Legs” as your “Spiritual Survival Kit”.

• Learn to overcome the ‘Black Dogs of depression’ with the “Mental Survival Kit”.

• Master your body with the “Physical Survival Kit” overcoming the seven deadly sins which. As a bonus included is a proven 4 Part Protocol for people who suffer with psoriasis.

• Also included are resource and contact links for psoriasis suffers so they can benefit from all the coaching in the story with real world medical references to empower them to take control and manage their psoriasis wholistically without drugs, chemicals or expensive treatments.

MAKE YOUR BED is more than a new book from Dakota Hamilton following the journey of some fascinating pets in the discovery of the secrets to spiritual, physical and mental well being in that it also offers an all natural, four part protocol for controlling or eliminating psoriasis.

Check it out and with a small donation, you can receive a copy.

Click here for more info and to order Dakota’s New Book: Make Your Bed

Author: dakota

I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada. I share my apartment with a little Brussels Griffon called Lucky. I like to read and watch movies and draw cartoons and write. I'm also a published author and painter. Mostly I like to putter. And fix things. And think.

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