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  1. Hi Dakota, reaching out… Monday will be my 4th week on the protocol. I don’t see any changes to date 😞 You mention 2 months.. was wondering what people’s experiences were when following this. Did they see progress only at the 2 month mark? Thank you, any advice would be well appreciated.

    1. Hi Donna: There doesn’t seem to be a “typical” experience re: when the protocol kicks in. I was lucky. I had stopped all dairy two months before taking the high dose D3 and K2mk7. So my body was pretty clear of dairy. That may have made a difference.

      Now, a few things can affect the performance of the Protocol. Not taking enough D3 in the beginning. Not eliminating all dairy and food/beverages fortified with calcium. Taking calcium supplements while on the protocol. Stressing over how it’s not working. As I had no expectations, I was not stressed. But people now have expectations–many of them based on two people who got great results in 6 weeks. That set the bar way to high. So, I guess “patience” is another thing to consider.

      I just finished an experiment where I consumed a little dairy every week and watched how a small flare didn’t heal for five months. Dairy is definitely a problem.

      Anyway, keep me posted. Dakota

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