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  1. Hi I’ve been on the protocols for 1 year I’ve officially stoped eating all dairy 6 months ago I was still experiencing symptoms , I read in a blog about calcium in the rice milk and you said to avoid high dose of it. I was taking a calcium supplement and stoped taking the calcium my symptoms have Improved. But I’m still having symptoms I am having cacao in my coffee . My question to you is the calcium in the cacao not good for me ?

    1. Ok, well it sounds like you have slowly removed calcium (or at least the bad stuff) from your diet–which is good. I lower the amount of calcium in my almond milk by not shaking the container too much because the calcium sits in the bottom. I don’t take a multivitamin because of the calcium–so I get my vitamins individually (eg: magnesium disglycinate, vitamin C powder, a B-complex, etc.) It’s more work but I think it helps. I didn’t know there was calcium in cacao but I just looked at mine and it does. Who knew? But I don’t think you could be using enough of it in coffee to make a difference. You don’t want to remove ALL the calcium from your diet. We need calcium. But for your bones, increase veggies that are high in calcium and do weight lifting exercise for bone health. I need more information about your diet, supplements, etc. to give you a better response.

      1. Hi Dakota I’m very healthy I do take vitamins b complex, e , c, garlic , cod oil . I eat lots of fresh vegetables and wild rice,quinoa … I do eat goat cheese and goat butter is that ok ?

  2. Hi Dakota, reaching out… Monday will be my 4th week on the protocol. I don’t see any changes to date 😞 You mention 2 months.. was wondering what people’s experiences were when following this. Did they see progress only at the 2 month mark? Thank you, any advice would be well appreciated.

    1. Hi Donna: There doesn’t seem to be a “typical” experience re: when the protocol kicks in. I was lucky. I had stopped all dairy two months before taking the high dose D3 and K2mk7. So my body was pretty clear of dairy. That may have made a difference.

      Now, a few things can affect the performance of the Protocol. Not taking enough D3 in the beginning. Not eliminating all dairy and food/beverages fortified with calcium. Taking calcium supplements while on the protocol. Stressing over how it’s not working. As I had no expectations, I was not stressed. But people now have expectations–many of them based on two people who got great results in 6 weeks. That set the bar way to high. So, I guess “patience” is another thing to consider.

      I just finished an experiment where I consumed a little dairy every week and watched how a small flare didn’t heal for five months. Dairy is definitely a problem.

      Anyway, keep me posted. Dakota

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